Do you know what police tactics are?

Today our topic is about police tactics and of course their equipment. Trained to handle major conflict and unrest, the elite police, both military and civilian, have the tactical base.

These groups work in specialties ranging from prison rebellions, hostage negotiation and rescue to bomb disarmament.

Precisely because the focus of their actions is always surrounded by lives, these professionals need extreme preparation, both physical and mental.

To deal with the most diverse situations, elite police officers train extensively without mistakes, have full knowledge of their adopted strategies and mastery of their tactical functions.

Complex situations require special tools, and in the tactical world this is taken to the letter

One should know that in this branch a knife , for example, is not just a knife; A flashlight is not just a flashlight, etc. You can discover “invisible” functions in the materials of this medium.

Let’s start with the basics: clothing. But here we make parentheses to affirm that the black color is the favorite of the segment, only because it is discreet, does not generate reflections and serves as a camouflage to the dark, in the bowels of the underworld, where the criminal incidence is more acute.

The tactical clothing must be able to withstand the blows, so it must be made of strong materials while is light and non – abrasive as the tactical operators are constantly moving.

Another detail that values t-shirts , pants or tactical jackets refers to pockets and openings to facilitate service. Tactical garments are scattered in compartments in strategic regions that make access to supplies more convenient.

For those unfamiliar with this tactical world it may seem like a mere piece of design, for tactics it is a crucial element in their missions.

In the case of tactical backpacks , the MOLLE system offers the possibility of attaching other components.

A technology born from the need to optimize missions and extend the power of action of the combatant on the battlefield. Developed by the United States Armed Forces, today the MOLLE system is present in the best tactical bases.

Launched in 1997, MOLLE only became better known after the September 11 attacks and subsequent US missions in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In tactical materials, everything has an explanation. Whether in drawing or composition, everything has functions, some even quite simple.

Accessories are essential for police tactics

The tactical flashlights , for example, often have light levels, SOS functions and even self – defense, such as blinking (strobe), very useful to disorient the opponent.

In addition, operators also consider compact and super compact sizes.

Like operators, the tactical team has no margin for failure, success may depend on the functionality of a team.

The tactical availability, efficiency and versatility of these instruments are paramount at the time of combat.

In addition to following different quality and resistance standards, knives and pocket knives come with specific sheaths and, in many cases, have different types of cuts on a single blade.

Tactical blades are not a new concept. They were introduced to military service during World War II to give soldiers more capabilities on the battlefield.

The tactical knife is a work equipment, designed to perform many functions and to be used as a weapon of last resort, oddly enough.

In the tactical world it is like this, supported by preparation, there is no mission that cannot be overcome by a warrior.

Operators train and equip themselves with the best tactical tools to complement and enhance their self-denial for victory, so police tactics are important.

They fight with the unknown and apply their concepts by exercising the art of seeing what ordinary eyes cannot see.



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