Pokémon Masters guide, cheats, tips and secrets

Pokémon Masters is the new foray of Pokémon into the world of video games. DeNa brings a new game format to mobile devices to fight with the best-known creatures in the digital world. Do you have what it takes to face the best coaches?

We will tell you everything you need or want to know to decide if it is worth it or not. That after all will be, as always, many hours of play.

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This guide has been produced with the early access version of the game , in English. Some names may not exactly match the name in Spanish until we can play the final version.



  1. How fighting works
  2. Single player modes
  3. Trainer couples and pokémon
  4. Cooperative mode
  5. Frequently asked questions

How fighting works

One of the first things you should know to make up your mind is how Pokémon Masters combat works . We want to talk to you about:

General mechanics : we explain everything you need to know about how combat works.
Synchronized Attacks – Find out how to execute these powerful special attacks.

The basic summary of the fighting would be as follows:

  • They are 3 vs 3 fights.
  • You pick your three pokémon (you actually select the trainers) before the match.
  • All 6 pokémon are at the same time on the combat screen.
  • Each attack of your pokémon consumes a certain number of sections of a turn bar.
  • The shift bar is constantly filling up.
  • As long as you have sections of the turn bar, you can attack.
  • Two pokémon cannot attack at the same time.

Single player modes

Pokémon Masters focuses almost all of its experience on single player modes . Don’t worry about endless multiplayer modes, here the thing focuses on a story mode and a few additional modes with which we can get the most out of the title.

We want to explain everything you need to know about:

  • Story Mode Uncover a story about a mysterious island where Pokémon Master League combat takes place. Old acquaintances and new enemies will take a walk to fight against them.
  • Pair Stories: Each new Pokémon and Trainer Pair has its own story. Also, it will be the only way to evolve the pokémon .
  • Training zone: here you will have a series of special battles, both permanent and temporary, that will allow you to quickly improve your creatures.
  • Missions: The game has a series of challenges for connecting daily or reaching certain milestones and offering special rewards.

Trainer couples and pokémon

In this spin-off you will not be able to catch new pokémon . Instead, to add new Pokémon to your team, what you do is recruit Trainer Couples and Pokémon . This may be a little confusing at first, but it’s easier than it sounds.

So that you do not have problems with it, do not miss all our information about:

  • How to get trainer and pokémon pairs: story mode allows you to get many pairs. Find out which coaches will join you in defeating them.
  • How to level up to level 30: The maximum base level that Pokémon can go up to is level 30. However, that will not be enough to get through the game, so we have what you need to know to break the level limit.
  • How to evolve your pokémon: the evolution system is of course present. However, since it does not work in the usual way, it is better that you pay a little attention to us.
  • Pair Explorer: In addition to the characters you recruit in story mode, if you’re willing to spend gems, you can get some very famous trainers to join you. We show you how this system works.

Cooperative mode

The game offers us a good single player experience, but it also has a cooperative mode . Although it is not something especially extensive, it has special mechanics that we want to discuss here:

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  • How to unlock cooperative mode: we show you how this option is activated.
  • How cooperative combat works: battles will not be the same. Discover the differences between playing alone or in company … and the powerful attack unique to this mode.

Frequent questions

  • Can it be enjoyed solo? Definitely yes. It is a game specially focused to play alone, forget about things like Pokémon GO and others.
  • Do you need to pay to play?  It is completely free and you do not need to pay for anything, neither to evolve pokemon, nor to get trainer and pokémon pairs, nor is there a limit of daily activities …
  • Why do you have to pay? To get gems, money or objects faster than normal.
  • What are the gems for? Currently, to activate the pairs explorer and get some trainer teams and pokémon.
  • Do you have PvP? at the moment, no.
  • Can you get legendary Pokémon like Mewtwo, Lugia, Zapdos …? At the moment there are no coaches with a legendary partner.


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