Astral Chain guide, tips, tricks and secrets

Welcome to our Astral Chain guide , where we will help you make the most of the new and original jewel of PlatinumGames exclusively for Nintendo Switch .

Tips to start playing

  • Play all the tutorials. The Astral Chain combat system is very different from anything you have played so far and has very specific controls, so it is recommended that you spend time at the police station for the sparring tutorials and practices that they will offer you to to learn to play.
  • Try different combinations of weapons and legions. Not all are equally effective against all types of enemies, so if you see that an opponent resists you, try another configuration and strategy.
  • Use IRIS when fighting. Thanks to it, you will be able to see the life bars of the enemies, something especially useful when fighting against the final bosses, since it will allow us to control the situation a little better. Activating it for a moment will be enough, so you can deactivate it as soon as you see the health bar of the enemies.
  • In the first round there will be lots of secrets and secondary tasks that you will not be able to do, since you will lack the legions necessary for it, so do not hesitate to replay the phases once you complete the adventure.
  • Explore as much as you can, because if you do you will find a multitude of optional missions and chests with juicy rewards.
  • Don’t be shy about using items if you’re in a hurry, as these don’t usually influence our battle rankings.
  • Finish off as many chimeras as you can with one run. If you do this, you will heal for life and your legion will regenerate all of its energy.
  • Be careful with the perfect dodge, since many times we will tend to make the counterattack when we do it, but some enemies have combos of several blows and it will not be enough for us to do just one, since if we go to the counterattack before time we may end up receiving some knock.
  • Don’t forget to use the astral chainto immobilize enemies and punish them with tough combos. It will also be very useful when they charge against you.
  • Give priority to upgrades to your weapon, as doing this you will learn new combos and increase the damage of all its forms.
  • The Extreme difficulty level is really difficult, so try to prepare yourself well and improve your legions as much as you can before jumping into this gigantic challenge.
  • The game includes a very useful achievement system, since each achievement we manage to do will allow us to get some kind of reward. Of course, these rewards will not be received automatically, so do not forget to check the achievements menuand select the ones you have completed to get what belongs to you.


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