PlayStation 5, here is the DualSense pad

Yesterday evening Sony showed the first images and details of the PlayStation 5 controller . Breaking a decade-long tradition, the new pad will not be called DualShock but DualSense and will be equipped with an integrated microphone, so you can exchange a few words on the fly between games.

The other big news, which is partly already present on the latest Xbox pad, is the haptic feedback, added to the dorsal triggers with mechanical resistance. In this way the controller can simulate the resistance of an accelerator pedal, the trigger of a rifle or the string of a bow, to increase the involvement of the players.

The touchpad positioned at the top and also the light bar is back, only now the light is found only in two small LED strips on the sides of the touchpad and no longer in the rear area, so no more reflections on the screen.

The battery is still integrated, the USB seems to type C, the price is unknown, the weight is slightly less than that of the current pad, the design is undoubtedly more generous, almost a cross between the current DualShock 4 and the Xbox controller.

Is it also surprising this clear turn towards white, perhaps PlayStation 5 ready to interrupt another tradition, that of the black color for the console, which began with the very successful PlayStation 2?


by Abdullah Sam
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