Is playing cards a sin?

No, playing cards is not a sin, if your conscience allows it. The Bible does not condemn games for fun, but in some situations, playing cards can lead to sin.

Playing cards is a very popular form of entertainment and there are many different card games. Usually the games themselves are not sinful but, like everything else, they can lead to sin. The believer must analyze each case with common sense to decide whether it is appropriate to play cards in this situation ( James 1: 5 ).

If you are in doubt about playing cards in any situation, ask a few questions:

  • Does it involve money? Card games that involve money and gambling often end up in big money losses. It is not advisable to play for real money – see here: What does the Bible say about gambling?
  • I’m addicted? For some people, playing cards can be addictive. If you feel addicted or have been addicted to playing cards in the past, don’t play – 1 Corinthians 6:12
  • Is it leading to wrong behavior? A card game can be innocent and fun. But when people are not careful, it can lead to fights, envies and other sinful behavior – Ephesians 4: 30-31
  • Does my conscience allow? If you really don’t feel comfortable playing cards, then don’t. Get well with your conscience – Romans 14: 22-23

Attention! Whether you play cards or not, try to understand who has another opinion. There is no clear rule in the Bible condemning or approving the card game. Playing cards is a personal decision, which depends on the person’s heart ( Romans 14:12 ).

What is the meaning of playing cards?

The most popular deck has 52 cards, divided into four groups, called suits. Within each group the cards are ranked by value: one (or Ace) to ten, Jack, Queen and King.

There are many theories, but in reality, no one knows what the original meaning of these letters was . The playing cards represent known figures from the court of any ancient monarchy:

  • King– is often the most valuable card, because the king was the supreme head of the country
  • Lady– represents the queen, the second most important person in the kingdom
  • Jack– can represent the prince or servant of the king, the third most important in the kingdom
  • Joker– is the jester, known for his games; this card does not always appear in the deck but it can have many different functions

The numbers have no special meaning in themselves.

The well-known images of playing cards have always been the subject of many artistic interpretations. Depending on the artist, the characters in the letters could represent well-known public figures, religious characters or even satires and criticisms of society!

Only Tarot cards have a mystical meaning. Normal playing cards have no meaning that the believer should be concerned about.


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