What Is Plastic Surgery;10 Advices You Must Know

Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is a branch of surgery that includes cosmetic surgery.The plastic surgery includes all cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery, which modify, correct or improve the ‘look aesthetic and functional body .To become a plastic surgeon, or rather a specialist in plastic surgery, it is necessary to attend, after graduating in medicine, a graduate school for five years in a department, and take a final exam. For more information on the topic, visit the page on the plastic surgeon .

A surgeon, specialized in another specialty, or without any specialty, is always authorized to perform all plastic surgery operations but the specialty represents an additional requirement for the surgeon and a greater guarantee for the patient.

In fact, even if nobody assures that a specialist in plastic surgery is certainly better at performing a certain intervention than a non-specialist, it is certain that he has attended plastic surgery departments for at least five years and has taken the exams to achieve the specialization .

We recall, for clarity, that the definition Plastic Surgeon refers in particular to those who have achieved the specialization, while the definition ch. Aesthetic is a definition which does not correspond to a certain specialty as in Italy, (unlike in other countries) the specialization in Aesthetic Surgery does not exist autonomously, but there is only one specialization that includes Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery .

Plastic Surgery Centers – hospital and polyclinic

The choice of the plastic surgery center where to perform the operation is very important for the patient.
Both because it entrusts its own safety and security to a structure , and because plastic surgery centers , whether hospital, clinic, clinic, nursing home, offer different costs and services for the patient and can be more or less close. to his area of ​​residence.

Aesthetic plastic surgery

Aesthetic plastic surgery is a particular branch of plastic surgery in general, which deals with the removal or correction of defects, or malformations that are relevant above all for the physical and aesthetic aspect of the patient , and sometimes also for the physiological and functional aspect, while not representing pathologies or diseases.
Cosmetic surgery, improving the person’s aesthetics, also brings psychological benefits , helping the patient to regain greater self-esteemand security, both towards herself and towards others.
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Plastic reconstructive surgery

The reconstructive plastic surgery is a branch of plastic surgery which is concerned with the reconstruction and correction of congenital malformations or sequelae of trauma, accidents or diseases.

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The most requested interventions

Below we list which are the most requested interventions, and also the surgical techniques, preparation for intervention and post-intervention, scars .
The most requested interventions concern in particular the face , the breast and the body . Face and body


  • Rhinoplasty
  • Blepharoplasty
  • otoplasty
  • Face lift
  • Liposuction and lipoaspiration
  • Buttocks
  • Calf augmentation
  • Thigh and arm lifting
  • Correction and revision of keloid or hypertrophic scars
  • Corrections and facial reconstructions following trauma, accidents, diseases
  • Correction of scars from burns
  • Correction of post-traumatic or surgical scars
  • Removal of snow, moles, cysts, warts, benign neoformations

Breast surgery

  • Breast augmentation
  • Breast Lift
  • Reductive mastoplasty
  • Mastectomy
  • Removal of benign neoformations (cysts)
  • Breast cancer removal (breast cancer)
  • Sinus asymmetry
  • Correction of defects or pathologies of the nipples
  • Correction of scars
  • Capsular contracture following mammoplasty
  • Replacement of prostheses
  • Breast reconstruction

Prices and costs of the interventions

What are the average prices of plastic surgery?
What elements affect the price and cost of interventions?
We remind all patients that all prices must be adapted to the individual patient, and to the type of intervention required, and in fact all the costs of the operations have a minimum and a maximum.
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Photos before and after surgery

Is it possible to evaluate from the photos of cosmetic plastic surgery before and after surgery what will be the result of plastic surgery?
Each patient is different from the others, but the images, at least in part, can allow us to understand what the final result of a case similar to ours will be.

The specialization in plastic surgery

In Italy there are various schools of specialization in plastic surgery .

The surgeon who achieves the diploma in plastic surgery after attending a specialization school for several years calls himself a plastic surgeon .

Recall that the name plastic surgeon refers exclusively to the surgeon who is a specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery .

Plastic surgeon and cosmetic surgeon

The aesthetic surgeon denomination is instead more generic and refers to the surgeon (graduated in medicine and surgery) who performs cosmetic surgery, regardless of the specialization he may have.

We recall that in Italy the specialization in cosmetic surgery does not exist , but only the specialization in plastic surgery exists .

So a plastic surgeon is certainly also a cosmetic surgeon, but instead it is not said that a cosmetic surgeon is also a plastic surgeon (i.e. specialized in plastic surgery), asItalian law does not oblige to obtain a specialization in plastic surgery and any surgeon, or a graduate in medicine and surgery, can perform plastic-aesthetic surgery.

From this we deduce the importance for the patient to choose a serious, competent and prepared surgeon, be it plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgeon.

In fact , specialization is an important requirement as it ascertains that the surgeon has attended the school of specility in plastic surgery, but does not guaranteethat he is better than a surgeon who does not have the specialty (i.e. who has not attended the specialty school, for example because he learned to operate abroad).

How to choose plastic surgeons

Let’s see what the characteristics and qualities and the main requirements that a serious professional plastic surgeon must have and what is the path to becoming a plastic surgeon should be.
Let’s see who the plastic surgeons are and above all how to contact the plastic surgeons for their intervention.

Plastic surgery companies

A short list of the main associations and companies of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery present in Italy and abroad.

Evolution origins and history of plastic surgery

Since the dawn of time there are traces of surgery, see the history of surgery section , to treat war wounds and the birth of plastic surgery or the history of plastic surgery.In particular, the evolution of plastic surgery that from purely restorative and reconstructive practice it also differs from the aesthetic aspect of the body, that is the current plastic surgery .In 1900 plastic surgery became more and more specialized to respond to the changing needs of people, and thanks above all to new inventions and discoveries in the medical and technological field , also for what concerns techniques, anesthesia practices, instruments and the new surgical materials.


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