Pixma Printer;Best Review Before Purchasing

Save paper and money with this PIXMA printer setting

Canon PIXMA Photo Printers contain several reasonably priced printers that are ideal for home use. PIXMA MP610 photo printer is ink – jet printer ” all in one”, which can visualize, scan, copy and print. The printer has a feature that allows you to print two copies of an image on a single sheet of paper. Most models in this line of PIXMA printers work similarly. Here’s how to print two pages on one sheet of paper using the MP610.

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Preparing the printer

To copy two pages or images on one sheet of paper using the PIXMA MP610:

  1. Set the Copyfunction screen .
  2. Select the Special Copyoption to display a screen where you can select two-on-one printing.
  3. Scroll to 2-on-1 copyand select OK .

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Scan the first image or page

Place the first page or image to be scanned and printed on the PIXMA printer glass, and then press the Color button .

After the scanner warms up, press the OK button to scan the first page or image.

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Scan the second page and print

Remove the first image or page from the printer glass, and place the second image or page on the printer glass. Click OK . After the printer scans the second image, it automatically starts printing the combined pages on a single sheet of paper.

Copying “two on one” is a great paper-saving paper. On some printers, including the PIXMA MP610, you can print four images on a single sheet of paper if you don’t mind the reduced image size.


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