Pineapple,15 health benefits

Pineapple is the fruit of the homonymous plant, belonging to the Bromeliaceae family. The plant has long sword-shaped leaves, arched and provided with thorns that form a rosette; at the center of them is pineapple. The most common species is the Ananas sativus . It is a large oval pine cone that can weigh up to 5 kg and has a tuft of dark green leaves at one end. It has yellow pulp with a non-edible fibrous stem in the center. The juice has a characteristic fragrance, slightly acidic, but pleasant to the taste.

Pineapple,15 health benefits

  1. Strengthen your nails. If we fear that our nails will break, by consuming the pineapple we will strengthen them.
  2. Anti-aging effect. A true ally against wrinkles and against bone aging. It removes inflammation of the joints and muscles, especially those associated with arthritis.
  3. Purify the organism. Thanks to its water supply it favors the elimination of toxins and diuresis. A real daily panacea.
  4. Natural anti-inflammatory. Especially in winter, pineapple comes in handy against coughs and colds . Its natural anti-inflammatory properties support medicines by protecting our body from infections.
  5. Promotes digestion. It is a source of fiber and this makes it easier for digestion. In addition, it is very useful in case of diarrhea or colitis.
  6. Strengthen your teeth. The antioxidant properties of pineapple are also good for the mouth, preventing oral cancer and strengthening the teeth and gums.
  7. Help the view. The presence of beta carotene helps maintain the efficiency of the visual field by counteracting macular degeneration, which can cause loss of vision.
  8. It makes you lose weight. The sweet taste may mislead us. In fact, bromelain counteracts cellulite and reduces localized inflammation. These properties make it suitable for slimming diets.
  9. It reduces hypertension. Those with high blood pressure should often eat pineapple. The high potassium content and the minimum amount of sodium allow you to keep the pressure at bay.
  10. Tones the muscles. An ideal fruit for those who practice intense sports. After physical activity it provides an adequate supply of mineral salts and quenches thirst quickly.

How to use pineapple?

Consuming fresh pineapple has no contraindications and is especially useful for those who follow a low-calorie diet.We know that being an exotic fruit it cannot be consumed regularly but alternating it with other types of fruit. It is within the natural pineapple remedies that we derive the greatest benefit from this food.With the extraction of the active ingredients, products are created that act in a targeted manner. Some of the ailments it acts on are:

  • water retention
  • deficiency in the action of white blood cells
  • circulatory difficulties
  • slow digestion
  • swelling of the limbs
  • swollen belly

Useful recommendation

To take advantage of the properties of bromelain, pineapple should not be cooked but eaten raw, cooking but also syrup make this fruit lose almost all its beneficial properties.

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