Why Piedibus is healthiest,Safest, And funniest Bus

The Piedibus is a bus that goes on foot, formed by a caravan of children who go to school in groups, accompanied by three adults, a “driver” in front and two “controllers”, one on the side and one closing the line. The optimal caravan includes 25 children. If there are fewer children, the third volunteer can be waived. An established route is followed, designed in a safe way, collecting passengers at the stops arranged along the way.

The Piedibus travels in the sun and rain , is punctual at stops and everyone wears high-visibility clothing. Along the way, children can chat with their friends, gain some independence and learn useful road safety skills. It costs nothing: it is ” free “. The project values ​​are as follows: fight against a sedentary lifestyle, promotion of healthy physical activity, prevention and contrast of overweight and obesity, reduction of motor vehicle pollution, road education, promotion of socialization among children and educational relationships between children and adults, improved quality of life .
When a Municipality begins to implement the Piedibus project, the success of the initiative is such that the project automatically becomes a service requested and used every year. This means that the Piedibus becomes a municipal service that accompanies and integrates the school bus service.
It is good that the organization and supervision of this service are assisted from the planning stage by the local ASL, which has the role of training volunteers, teachers and children in the correct organization of the initiative.
From an organizational point of view, the Piedibus is one of those rare initiatives that today bring everyone in agreement, majority and opposition in the City Council, volunteers, parents, children, teachers, because everyone is happy to participate / collaborate. However, it is necessary that at the beginning a leader figure acts as a catalyst (mayor, deputy mayor or councilor in charge of the purpose), and it may happen that this leader is appropriately “primed” by a citizen attentive to these values. From the planning stage it is recommended that the local ASL supervise and train the interested categories (volunteers, teachers, parents, children).

The Piedibus is a new and winning way of promoting health, because it achieves what is preached in good intentions in action with multiple educational advantages. Indeed, while the children walk in an orderly and safe, wearing each high visibility clothing , it happens that:

a) observe the traffic rules,
b) fighting against sedentary lifestyles (they average 3,000 steps a day)
c) preventing overweight and obesity,
d) they learn about nature and their city,
e) they make friends with each other and with the volunteers,
f) they are encouraged to have a good breakfast,
g) they help to reduce car pollution and road accidents of peak traffic.

by Abdullah Sam
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