What Is Physics

Physics deals with the study of those properties of phenomena that are observable and measurable . We therefore speak of the study of quantitative phenomena .

To do this, the experimental method is used : the scientist observes the phenomenon and formulates hypotheses . Then he carries out scrupulous experiments and if these confirm the hypothesis, this becomes a physical law .

Galileo Galilei was a great scientist who lived in the 16th century who invented this method and managed to demonstrate Copernicus’s heliocentric theory.

What does physics study?

Physics (from the Greek phýsis = nature) is the science that studies phenomena (e.g. light, energy) in order to describe them. They say physical values of properties of the phenomena that are measurable. Physics establishes relationships between these quantities expressed through mathematical formulas: the physical laws .

Physics deals with all those phenomena that do not involve chemical transformations of matter and biological processes.

So physics studies the observable and measurable properties through instruments, that is, those of which it is possible to give a quantitative description .

In fact, the English physicist William Thomson, better known as Lord Kelvin , said: ” Whenever you can measure and express by means of numbers the topic you are talking about, you actually know something: when this is not possible, or not you are capable of it, your knowledge is poor and unsatisfactory from a scientific point of view “.

The various parts of physics are:

  • mechanics : studies balance and movement (e.g. movement of planets and cars)
  • thermology : study heat (e.g. aircraft engines)
  • acoustics : study sound (e.g. musical instruments)
  • optics : study light (e.g. glasses and cameras)
  • electromagnetism : studies electrical and magnetic phenomena (e.g. electric current and electromagnetic waves)
  • atomic : study atoms and molecules
  • astrophysics : studies celestial bodies
  • biophysics : studies biological problems with the methods used by physics.


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