Phases of the selection process

Each company designs a script to find the competent professional to fill a job. Different candidates respond to the announcement of the published offer. A communication that is also part of this talent selection strategy. Which sections are part of this planning ? First of all, it is essential to specify the objective that motivates this path. A realistic and possible goal.

The enumeration of the needs of the position

Every professional’s routine is different. It is important to identify what are the characteristics of the specific position to recognize that person who meets the necessary preparation to perform this function. A description of competencies that is essential.

The requirements of the post

What are the characteristics of training and experience sought in those who participate in this process? The answer to this question is in connection with the context of the needs of the position itself. The description of this information is essential to establish a filter in the selection of resumes. The company must choose those who meet the conditions to continue advancing in the later stages, a situation different from those professionals who, despite having shown their willingness to collaborate, do not comply with what is stated in the announcement.

The diffusion of the announcement

There are different specialized channels to publicize the offer. The human resources department selects these routes because the success of the process depends on the need to connect with the desired profile. For example, the entity can choose different online job boards and also use its social networks to transmit this communication. Written details must be clear and objective.

The selection process tests

Each scenario is different. There are processes in which the face-to-face job interview is the definitive test. But there may be the circumstance that an entity combines different resources. For example, the telephone interview or a group test. The team responsible for scheduling this phase of the selection process should deliberate this issue in relation to the objective.

The final phase of the selection process

From the same moment in which a company begins to design this process, the end of it is located in this time horizon. The line that composes the different stages of this mission has a beginning and an end. A point of arrival that is framed in the space of the last phase of the selection process to which few candidates have reached the previous sections.

The election of the hired candidate

All sections are related to each other. The fulfillment of each objective in the previous phase leads to this final moment in which the entity communicates to the person the good news of their choice. If both parties agree, they will proceed to sign the contract that regulates the matter established at the professional level. 

Therefore, a selection process must maintain an order to evolve consistently in the direction of the goal mentioned from the beginning.

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