What Is Phantom Energy;Phantom energy and the future of the universe

In physical cosmology , phantom energy is a hypothetical form of dark energy that could be present throughout space with an equation of state (w <−1). If proven to exist, this kind of energy would cause universal expansion to accelerate so rapidly that the Big Rip would occur, destroying the entire universe. As a type of Dark Energy it would produce a pressure that tends to accelerate the expansion of the Universe , resulting in a repulsive gravitational force .

Considering the existence of this energy is one of the ways to explain recent observations that the Universe appears to be in accelerated expansion.

If the theory is correct, since phantom energy would be found everywhere, it would increase in intensity exponentially. Eventually, the phantom energy would be so strong that the energy within the atoms would not be able to counteract it and the atom would be destroyed due to the enormous force trying to separate it; This process would repeat itself destroying all the matter included in the universe, in an event known as the Big Rip.

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Phantom energy and the future of the universe

Most models that try to explain the origin and evolution of the universe today seem to agree that dark energy is the main component of the sum of matter and energy in the cosmos, the 73% of the missing universal account. Hence to know exactly what this force is, however, it goes a long way.


Supernova explosions
In an expanding Universe, galaxies scatter at a speed depending on the distance between them. The redshift of the spectral lines of supernovae indicates the speed of the galaxy, and the brightness of the star indicates the distance. It turns out that billions of years ago, galaxies scattered more slowly than can be imagined with a simple extrapolation of modern speed. At some point, expansion began to accelerate – so the dark energy showed itself

Cosmic CMB radiation
In the temperature distribution of CMB radiation in the sky, spots are visible whose size reflects the geometry of space, i.e. indicates the density of the universe, which is greater than what all matter gives – both ordinary and dark. The difference may be in dark energy. In addition, the gravitational field of cosmic structures affects the pattern of relict radiation. The strength of the influence depends on the change in the rate of expansion of the Universe over time and coincides with the value due to dark energy

Distribution of galaxies
Galaxies scattered across the sky are not chaotic. They are combined into structures, and some of them resemble spots in the pattern of CMB radiation. They can be used to measure the total mass of the universe and confirm the existence of dark energy.

Gravity microlensing
Any mass acts like a lens (its attraction bends light rays), which, like a curved mirror, can give several images if the light source is located directly behind it. And such a coincidence is all the more likely the larger the Universe, the size of which, in turn, depends on the amount of dark energy. The smaller the mass of the lens, the weaker it deflects the light. The study of this effect will reveal the growth of matter accumulation and find the contribution of dark energy.

Phantom energy has not finished its work. On the one hand, it is useful because it must prevent the contraction of the universe, which astronomers had recently feared. But dark energy also carries a certain danger. The most harmless thing is that it pushes apart galaxies that are scattering faster and faster, so that over time we will lose sight of them. Space is becoming empty, turning our galaxy and its neighbors into an isolated island. Clusters of galaxies, galaxies and even stars are scattered in intergalactic space, gradually reducing the sphere of their gravitational influence, bringing it to its own size.

Some models predict that dark energy will be able to evolve, that over time it will dominate more and more and begin to tear to pieces the gravitationally bound objects, such as clusters of galaxies and individual galaxies. Ultimately, the Earth will be torn away from the Sun and dispersed in space along with everything on it. Even atoms will be destroyed. 



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