What is Parasitic Charging, why should it be avoided

Actually, what many people do when you use your mobile during charging, it is called parasite charging. Often people focus on their mind that their device has been in charge for a long time, but still not full charge. If this is the case with you, then you also do parasitic charging.

Mobile has become an essential part of people like them, they use the phone while sleeping while eating mobile, to be honest, I am also no less. Today 79 percent of the entire population of the world spends their time with smartphones, even some people are still in their phones while they are charging their mobile, you do not know when we are charging even during the phone If you use, then the phone has a bad effect, which is called parasitic charging, in this post, you will tell me what is parasitizing and why you should avoid it.

Smartphone is the only thing on which everyone starts dreaming of touching their fingers on the screen. Every day a new smartphone user is being born, some people rub against the need after taking a new phone, due to which their new phone also starts running with the old one.

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There are many reasons for this, such as your mobile slow charge or hang or it will be hot. So understand that parasitic charging your mobile. If you do not know about it, then let us know what is parasite charging.

Why should you avoid parasite charging?

When you run while charging your mobile, the battery of the phone is badly affected due to which the battery of your mobile is weakened and for this reason it is not able to be full charged.

Mobile experts say that if you want to use the mobile for a long time, then do not use the phone in charge without much need, avoid parasite charging as much as possible.

If you have found out what parasitic charging is and why you should avoid it, then let us know what bad effects it has on your mobile.

What are the disadvantages of mobile with Parasitic Charging?

  1. Your mobile will be warm by parasiting.
  2. Even after charging for hours, there will be slow charge rather than full charge and quick charge.
  3. May be your mobile hangs.
  4. Your mobile battery will be full.
  5. Or your phone battery will not last long.

If all this mess is in your mobile, then understand that you also do parasite charging, but now you know that from now on, do not make this mistake and if you have a friend or brother, then stop him from running the mobile during charging.

I hope you are now well aware of parasitic charging and will not be able to do parasitic charging of mobiles any further and this is right because it can save your mobile from spoiling quickly.

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