How to silence your Android phone while charging it at night

If you are one of those who takes advantage of the night to charge your phone while you sleep and you also like to silence notifications, this trick is going to appeal to you.

Maintaining a bedtime routine helps you fall asleep better at night. For this reason, avoiding looking at your cell phone and reading emails or messages for a while before going to bed is a good idea . Avoid the blue light of the screens and the possible messages that keep us awake and stressed when we should be resting.

That is why the main manufacturers of mobile phones and applications have created functions and apps to help us disconnect from the distractions of these devices . Schedule a time for the phone to block notifications , reduce the intensity of light and bright colors and remind us that it is time to turn off the lights and relax in bed.

Android has been improving its clock application to offer all these options and some more. A very useful one is to link that sleep aid with the load of the terminal, because we do not want to go to bed at the same time every day. Here we show you how it works.

The first thing you should do is download the Google Clock application from the Google Play Store . It is free and available for all Android phones. Once installed, you can start programming and configuring your sleep routine however you want.

  1. Scroll to the Rest sectionon the bottom side
  2. Click on the Start buttonthat you see in the upper screenshots
  3. Set the time you want to wake upand the days you want that alarm to go off. You can also configure the sound and vibration, if you want Google’s virtual assistant to perform a routine such as turning on the light in your room or connecting the coffee maker.
  4. Click Nextwhen you have it ready or Skip if you don’t want to set any alarms.
  • Then indicate what time you want to go to sleepand the days on which you want the application to apply this schedule. You can set a reminder to warn you 15 minutes before and get ready.
  • Now click on Rest Mode.
  • Select the ” When charging while resting” option . This applies the load as the start of Do Not Disturb Mode instead of the time, in case you decide to sleep later that day.
  • Go back and click Doneto save all changes.

Everything is already saved and you can modify it whenever you want. You also have the possibility of creating graphs and statistics with which to control the use of the screen that you do throughout the day. It is a way that Digital Wellbeing has on Android to help us reduce our dependence on mobile phones and improve our rest.


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