Panic Attack: How Can We Prevent It?

They can be prevented with techniques aimed at managing stress in daily life.People with panic disorder have sudden, repeated attacks of fear that last for several minutes or longer, more commonly known as panic attacks. These are characterized by fear of disaster or fear of losing control, even when there is no real danger. You can also have a strong physical reaction during one of these episodes.

They occur equally between women and men, and the most frequent age of onset of the first panic or panic attack is between 20 and 30 years of age . The origin responds to endogenous causes, as it happens in depression.

The most common profile : people who on the outside seem safe, but on the inside they are not, they are very nervous, they do not express much their anxiety or their discomfort, and they are very perfectionists. “An accumulation of stressful situations can lead to explode at some point,” says the specialist.

“It is known that there are brain substances, neurotransmitters involved, and norepinephrine in particular. It is known that mainly in panic attacks there is a sudden release of this substance by some nuclei of the brain,” adds Carrasco.

Given the symptoms , an electrocardiogram is often performed in the face of the sensation of suffocation and tachycardia typical in these cases.

Can we prevent a panic attack?

Carrasco emphasizes that the way to prevent them, without ever having had any, is to try to be less controlling and perfectionists : “People with panic attacks have not previously been described as anxious people, but rather they seem to be controlled from the outside,” he remarks. Once the panic attacks have already been had, he points out to Europa Press that there are therapeutic techniques that teach how to manage them, how to control anxiety.

“It is vital to know what crises are like and know how to stop them before they start. They can also be prevented with techniques aimed at managing stress in daily life. Pharmacological prevention is also useful, very effective in the disappearance of panic attacks when there is already an established disorder “, sums up the specialist.

Ultimately, the professor of psychiatry advises breathing slowly, trying to be calm and relativize , as far as possible, the reaction, which usually does not last more than two minutes.

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