How to act if your partner has been unfaithful:

relationship is based on mutual trust. When the promise to remain trustworthy is broken and an infidelity occurs , the health of the couple can be seriously compromised.

The most common causes of infidelity have to do with communication problems within the couple, lack of love or sexual dissatisfaction. They can also be given when feeling attracted to another person, or as revenge for a previous infidelity.

When an infidelity occurs , the couple faces a very complex situation to manage and overcome. In an infidelity, trust is betrayed and the pact of love and exclusivity is broken. It carries large doses of frustration, disappointment, and emotional pain.

Tips for dealing with the situation

Faced with a case of infidelity , there are a series of tips that we can carry out and that can help us to cope with it. Here’s what the experts recommend

Calm down . When knowing an infidelity, the first thing we will feel is a mixture of anger and pain, as well as confusion. That is why it is important that we distance ourselves and do not react hotly, but take a breath to assimilate and calm down.

Unburden. In these moments it is just as important to let off steam, be it crying, screaming or looking for a way to express the emotions that come to us in those moments.

Talk to your partner. Once we are calmer and we have ventured, we can talk with our partner about what has happened. At this time you should express what you feel and ask for an explanation. It is important to raise all the doubts that may arise

Leave a while. Another important step is to take time to reflect on what happened, but also on how it makes us feel, how we value the relationship so far and other relevant aspects that can help us make a decision about the future of the relationship.

Make a decision. The process after an infidelity ends when you make a decision, which may consist of continuing the relationship and trying to overcome the situation, or break up with your partner.

There are many cases of people who decide to forgive couples who have been unfaithful to them, but in all cases it is not an easy process, but requires a lot of work and will on the part of both.

At this stage, communication and dialogue are important , and knowing how to recognize the emotions that arise in order to manage them correctly. In this sense, turning to a professional psychologist can help to redirect the couple’s situation.

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