What Is OTP (One True Pairing )

OTP is the acronym for One True Pairing (“A True Pair”). This is a slang used in fandomsto refer to the characters that form the perfect couple from the point of view of each fan of the respective work (film, series, book and etc).In short, the OTP’s are the fans’ favorite ships , that is, it consists of the fictional couple that the fanboy or fangirl most defends and wishes for a “happy ending”.

From the idea of ​​the OTP another abbreviation appeared in the fandoms : the BROTP , junction of “bromance” ( brother + romance ) and ” one true pairing “. This acronym is used to represent the friendship relationship that fans most admire and hope for in the accompanying work. The female version of BROTP is  SISTP (” sister ” + “otp”).

.It is worth remembering that at the same time that shippar and OTP are similar, they are also different. The ship turns out to be something “broader”, covering all the couples the fan would like to have a romantic relationship with. OTP, as said, is the fan favorite ship among all the others he can have in the same series or movie, for example.

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