Osha Necklaces

The Osha or Elekes necklaces are sacred objects that allow the protection of the Oshas and Orishas to be kept close to the initiate to protect him and help him to pass through life.


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Necklaces are for the recipient, the main representation associated with his body, of the Oshas and Orishas. The rituals to consecrate them, such as the delivery ceremony, must be performed by the Oloshas . This ceremony is called “Osha Half Seat”. Only the consecrated have the ashé to give them the mystical power they represent.


The Elekes ceremony through which the aleyo must pass, is an extremely important ceremony as it symbolizes the royal entrance to the Rule of Osha . In this ceremony, the aleyo receives 5 elekes, representing 5 of the most important Orishas of the religious system:

  1. Elegguá
  2. Obbatalá
  3. Yemayá
  4. Shango
  5. Oshun

They are delivered in this order and received after the secret ceremonies for their consecration have been performed.

Normally the need for a person to receive Osha necklaces is manifested through the oracular system of religion and can be for different reasons:

  • Improve your health
  • Protection
  • Spiritual vocationthat will develop over time
  • Religion is in the way of the person who will settle Osha in the future
  • Improve working and living conditions

The person must select a Babalosha or a responsible Iyalosha to unite spiritually under the link of godfather or godmother-godson or goddaughter. The ceremonies are performed in an atmosphere of tranquility and emotion. They are generally carried out in the godfather or godmother’s house and with the help of the Oyugbona , who is an Olosha who works as an assistant throughout the ritual.

On that day, various rituals are carried out with the purpose of preparing and harmonizing the physical, mental and spiritual planes of the person. For this ceremony an Obá must be raised to direct it and several Oloshas who are witnesses.

The necklaces are placed one by one to the initiate. The godfather or godmother explains to him the rules that the new initiate must respect in a solemn way. At that time it is clarified what he should or should not do with the necklaces, in addition to the meaning of the commitment of respect that he must have towards his godparents and towards religion.

As you can see, a person who does not have the proper consecrations cannot put on the sacred necklaces of Osha, which are the representation of the Oshas and the Orishas Lukumí or Yoruba. The Oloshas are the heirs of these ancient secrets, therefore, neither spiritualists, healers, the one who casts the cards, possessed spirits, the one who reads tobacco . That is to say: no one other than Olosha can perform ceremonies to put on the necklaces of the Oshas and the Orishas Lukumí. The Babalawos do not deliver Osha’s seat collars, they only deliver those of the Orishas that are relative to Ifá, such as Orula , Osain , Orun , Oduduwá .


Orisha Colors Combination Basic brand
Elegguá Black , Red , White , Transparent 1 3 red, 3 black, 3 white
1 red, 1 black, 1 white
1 red, 1 black
1 black, 1 white
Obbatalá White, Transparent, Red, Nacre
Ivory , Coral , Soap water 2
24 white, 1 red, mother-of-pearl, ivory, coral (depending on the way)
All white closed with the color of its Obbatalá
Yemayá Navy blue , Light blue , Soap water
Transparent, Red 3
Ashabá : 7 light blue, 1 coral, 7 water or crystal
Ases : 7 light blue, 1 coral, 7 soap or crystal, 1 green
Okuté crystal : 7 dark blue, 1 red, 7 soap or
Mayelewo crystal : 7 dark crystal blue, 1 red, 7 soap, 1 green (also has all shades of blue on its necklace)
Konlá : 21 soap, 1 light blue. (the soap is necessary since she lives in the foam of the water, and that represents the color of the foam)
Aganá : 7 dark blue, 7 soap, 1 coral
Shango Red and white 1 white, 1 red
6 white, 6 red
1 white, 1 red to make 12, 6 red or white turns per round.
Oshun Yellow , Amber , Honey , Crystal green Crystal
red , Jet , Mother of pearl, Coral
Ibú Kolé : 15 honey, 1 green, 5 red, 1 jet
Ibú Añá : 15 honey, 5 red, 5 yellow, 1 red, 1 amber, 1 red
Ibú Akuaró : 15 honey, 5 red, 1 mother of pearl
Oló Lodí : 15 honey , 5 yellow, 5 green, 1 amber
Oló Yemú : 15 honey, 5 yellow, amber and coral
Oggún Black, Green, Red
Crystal green 4 , Jet
21 black, 7 green (crystal or solid)
1 green, 1 black
1 green, 1 black, every 21 a jet is inserted
3 black, 3 green
7 black, 1 red, 7 green, 1 red
Ochosi Blue, Honey, Amber 5 14 blue in each thread, join and go through 3 honey beads, 1 amber, 3 honey. The cycle is repeated symmetrically inserting coral and snail. 2, 3, 7
Hey Carmelite with black and white stripes
Red, Brown .
9 Carmelites, 1 red, 1 red or brown, 9 Carmelites 9
Olokun Crystal navy blue,
Coral crystal green , Light blue , Red 6
21 navy blue, 1 red, 1 green, skip mother of pearl or snail


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