Office: work and unrecognized commitment causes stress

Stress at work: how important is the approval of others? More than you think, especially if you consider that a clear difference makes it an “official” recognition of your commitment by colleagues and superiors. If this is missing, the worker can suffer from chronic stress..


Cortisol is also called “stress hormone” because the organism increases its production precisely in conditions of psycho-physical stress and with its action it is able to inhibit non-essential bodily functions in the short term and support the functions of vital organs.

A high cortisol value can be triggered both by pathological causes, such as excessive functioning of the thyroid gland, and by non-pathological causes, such as too intense sporting activity. In certain situations it is of great help, but when its levels remain high for a long time, it is called chronicity. The researchers compared the cortisol levels and the stress level of 91 people during a working week with those of 81 people who, in addition to the office, also had to attend a professional growth course.

The results showed that it is precisely the commitment that you put into a job compared to the reward obtained in terms of recognition that seems to be the main determining factor of stress in the workplace, but only among people who have particularly high workloads and long hours.

When you like your job and want to do well, but you don’t receive any promotion or wage increases, this cocktail leads to a high level of cortisol– explain the authors.So of chronic stress. “

Is seeking the approval of others really important? If this translates into stress in the office and no reward, also and why not in economic terms, of course it is. If it is true that in our lives each of us should never expect someone to say that if you are doing the right thing, in the workplace it is a little different and the fine line of the right merit is always there to remark on what is due. In short, the positive opinion matters.

And then, isn’t it true that less stress generates more happiness and that more happiness makes you more productive ? So courage, employers and colleagues, we recognize the value, commitment and tenacity of those who are at work!

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