NVIDIA GeForce 7200 Video Card

NVIDIA GeForce 7200 Video Card . It belongs to the brand ECS , coming to the market on June 11 of the 2009


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  • 1 ECS Video Card Model N7200GS-256DZ
  • 2 NVIDIA® CineFX Shading Architecture
  • 3 NVIDIA® nView Multi-Projection Technology
  • 4 NVIDIA® PureVideo Technology
  • 5 NVIDIA Unified Driver Architecture (UDA)
  • 6 NVIDIA® TurboCache Technology
  • 7 NVIDIA® Intellisample 4.0 Technology
  • 8 NVIDIA® Digital Vibrance Control (DVC) 3.0
  • 9 Optimization and OpenGL® 2.0 support
  • 10 Specifications
    • 1 GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)
    • 2 PCI EXPRESS interface
    • 3 Memory
    • 4 Departure
  • 11 See Also
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ECS Video Card Model N7200GS-256DZ

  • NVIDIA® GeForce® 7200 GS GPU
  • 256 MB DDR2 memory
  • 64 bit data bus
  • TVVGA and DVI-I output
  • PCI Expressinterface

NVIDIA® CineFX Shading Architecture

The second generation CineFX mechanism enables advanced pixel processing and vertex shading and true 128- bit color precision . Delivering twice the power of floating-point pixel shading as the previous CineFX mechanism, CineFX produces a visible boost by its more efficient execution of pixel shader programs.

NVIDIA® nView Multi-Projection Technology

  • Dual RAMDACs (up to 400 MHz) to project resolutions up to 2048×1536 @ 85Hz
  • Integrated NTSCPAL TV encoder supports resolutions up to 1024×768 without requiring turning with its built-in Macrovision copy protection
  • Ready for DVDand HDTV decoding MPEG -2 to 1920x1080i resolutions
  • Supports DVI for compatibility with the next generation of flat panel displays with resolutions up to 1600×1200
  • NVIDIA® NVRotate app for advanced viewing flexibility
  • NVIDIA® NVKeystone ™ app for advanced screen correction

NVIDIA® PureVideo Technology

NVIDIA® PureVideo ™ technology is the combination of a high-definition video processing core and software that delivers unmatched image clarity, consistent video, accurate color, and precise image scaling for video content. It also delivers HD video in home theater quality. Features vary by product.

  • Microsoft DirectX® 9.0 optimizations

Graphics card

NVIDIA Unified Driver Architecture (UDA)

NVIDIA Unified Driver Architecture (UDA) is the foundation for ForceWare’s award-winning drivers and delivers forward and reverse compatibility across all NVIDIA desktop, workstation, mobile, platform and multimedia processor deployments . With a single driver , UDA delivers current performance and better features, reduced maintenance time, increased scalability, and a lower total cost of purchase. Drivers |

NVIDIA® TurboCache Technology

  • Shares the capacity and bandwidth of dedicated video memory and dynamically available system memory for turbocharged performance and larger total graphics memory.

NVIDIA® Intellisample 4.0 Technology

  • Advanced 16x anisotropic filtration (with up to 128 taps)
  • Incredibly fast antialiasing and compression performance
  • Range-adjusted rotated grid antialiasing removes jagged edges for incredible image quality
  • Transparent Multisampling and Transparent Supersampling modes increase antialiasing quality to new levels
  • Support for normal map compression
  • Support for advanced low-loss compression algorithms for color, texture, and z-data at even higher resolutions and frame rates
  • Fast z-clear

NVIDIA® Digital Vibrance Control (DVC) 3.0

  • Color controls and image clarity controls

OpenGL® 2.0 optimization and support

Ensures the best performance and application compatibility for all OpenGL applications .


GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)

  • Powered by NVIDIA® GeForce ™ 7200 GS GPU
  • Full support for MicrosoftDirect X 9 and OpenGL 2.0 for Windows 2000 / ME / XP

PCI EXPRESS interface

  • Supports and complies with PCIEXPRESS X 16 configurations


  • 256 MB DDR2SDRAM with 64- bit data bus
  • Memory Type: 32 Mx16


  • Standard15 pin female CRT output
  • 4-pin S-Video output
  • DVI-I output


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