What are the nutritional properties of juniper berries?

Juniper berries

The juniper is a plant which belongs to the genus Iuniperus. The berries are the fruit of this plant, dark blue-black when they reached maturity, and are green when they are immature.They have a maturation time of about two years and a size that varies from 5 to 8 millimeters in diameter.Their taste is initially sweet and then become bitter . Once dried , they are used to flavor meat or cold cuts and to prepare gin liqueur .

What are the nutritional properties of juniper berries?

In 100 grams of fresh juniper berries there is an intake of about 10 calories .

From a nutritional point of view, their content of pectins , sugars, resins, inositol and juniper is good, a substance that gives berries their sweet-acrid aroma


When should you not eat juniper berries?

There are no known situations in which there could be an interaction between the consumption of juniper berries and medicines or other substances .


What are the possible benefits of juniper berries?

At juniper berries they are recognized diuretic properties and ability to fight urinary and intestinal infections .

Among the other benefits brought by this spice are the ability to reduce intestinal swelling and intestinal fermentation processes as well as dyspepsia . It also has anti-infective , anti-rheumatic , antioxidant and antifungal properties .

What are the contraindications of juniper berries?

The consumption of juniper berries should be kept under control in case of heavy menstruation or when suffering from kidney diseases such as nephritis , renal failure or pyelonephritis.

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