Nursing Management in the different fields of care

Nursing, throughout history, has been assigned exclusively the close care of the patient, family and / or caregiver. Which has led to the development of skills that generate challenges in humanized care. Like designing new and better strategies to meet the expectations of patients and that contribute to their recovery and well-being in health .

Currently, the nursing professional is present in different fields. With the aim of offering a differentiating care that encourages the patient to have adherence to their care and health condition, self-management against the disease. But above all that is empowered in an argued and skillful manner in each of its conditions.

Wherever a nursing professional works, he will bring knowledge and experience to the care of patients, family members and / or caregivers. This is due to the development and development of skills in a culture of care with empathy, leadership, security, compassion and desire that “the other be free from suffering.”

Each action developed with the patient and his family are the product of knowledge. The relationship with them, the skills and attitudes that become a creative act, given the individuality and exclusivity of humanized treatment.

Dewitt Jones, National Geographic photographer, presents us with a beautiful video. Where he talks about how to use creativity in our daily lives, change problems for opportunities. Which is a premise for nurses in the care of their patient, family and caregiver and undoubtedly in their personal life. Although you can say: “There is not enough time, staff and money.” Everything should be seen as an opportunity to be creative, that is, it is a matter of perspective.

 To make a difference, the main challenges to be faced as nursing professionals include the development of superior value and passion in every action we develop. ” 

Looking with a new lens allows us to discover opportunities and develop new ways of intervening in the care of those who trust in our knowledge and expertise. The nurse does not only contribute from the care. If not in the development of new strategies that retain patients and institutions, which undoubtedly allows outcomes of superior value, growth and institutional sustainability.

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