Ninite: install all programs on your PC in one click!

Have you just formatted your computer, and do you have to reinstall all the software from scratch? Have you bought a new PC and need to quickly install the programs you need to work? Today we explain how to download, in a few clicks, all the essential programs that cannot be missing from your Windows PC.

What programs to install on a PC?

In addition to the programs you wish to install, there are a number of basic software that cannot be missing on your Windows PC for everyday use. If you use Windows 10, you won’t need to install a lot of software at startup: you will already have a decent audio / video player, a web browser, a note-taking application, etc. But we know that are not enough. The first thing you do, after buying a new PC, or after performing a recovery of the operating system, is to open Microsoft Edge and download all the other programs we are missing: from VLC to Google Chrome, from Skype to Spotify, from WinRAR to Dropbox, etc. To install all these software, the typical procedure to follow is the following:

  • Go to the website of the software we want to install;
  • Look for the page that allows us to download;
  • Look for the right version to install;
  • Wait for the download;
  • Open and run the installation file;
  • Wait for the installation.

And, perhaps , if all goes well , we are ready to use the software you have downloaded. I emphasize ” the” : that is, only one. In fact, now you will have to repeat the same procedure for all the other programs you have in mind to download. By adopting this method you risk losing hours. Indeed, you will certainly lose at least a couple of hours, considering the fact that everything never goes smoothly with computers!

What if I told you that this long procedure can be automated , and reduced to the use of a single program capable of installing all the other programs on its own? Let’s find out what it is.

Install many software using a single program

The program, capable of doing all this, is Ninite .

All programs downloadable with Ninite

Ninite is a software, for Windows computers, that manages software packages. Simply put: it is a program that collects programs. Its sole purpose is to help you install multiple programs in one go. A bit like doing Linux packages. In linux there is a command structured as follows:

sudo apt-get nome_software_1, nome_software_2, nome_software_ecc

And it will be up to the system to manage the installation of the required software packages. Ninite works with the same principle.

The few simple steps you need to do are as follows:

  • Go on the site Ninite;
  • Choose the programs you want to install;
  • Press the ” Get Your Ninite” button;
  • Wait a few seconds for the download of Ninite;
  • Open Ninite, and run it.

Now you can go for a walk, or whatever you want, and Ninite will do everything by itself: it will download, and install, the most recent and most suitable versions of the programs for your computer, without you having to do anything else. Once the procedure is complete, simply close Ninite, and start using the software you have downloaded. Result? You didn’t waste time and energy in installing all the software you needed.

Update your PC software with a single program

It’s not over though.

Don’t delete Ninite from your PC!

Keep it on your computer, because it can still be reused. In fact, you will need it to update, over time, the software you have downloaded. This tool is not only a donwload utility, but it is also designed to be re-run, after a few months, to be able to update (always automatically) all the software installed on your PC.

Unfortunately, it is known that Windows does not have a centralized system where you can update applications in one go. The programs must be updated individually, each time a new version is released. But, thanks to Ninite, you can also save yourself this operation: he will take care of updating the obsolete software, with a simple double click!


So run to try it. It’s free, easy to download, and you don’t have to sign up for some weird newsletter to be able to download instantly in complete safety! Personally it is a tool that I use a lot when they ask me to do some optimization operations to the operating system. In fact, you should know that keeping all the apps tidy and up to date is one of the first ways to have a PC as elegant as a sedan, and as quick as a go kart!


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