The newsletter is about sending information to readers who have previously subscribed to a website or blog. Many times the English name is used Newsletter.

It is definitely a regular publication that a company sends to its subscribers by email. The information included in the newsletter can be promotional of the business or company, or simply content marketing to add value to the brand. For example: if we have a blog and make different articles we can send them to our subscribers to read the latest news we have developed.

How can we start creating our newsletter?

To start generating shipments it will be necessary to use the database of our customers. It is important to gather all their names and data in a document, for example Excel. In this way we will have the base ready for when we use a specific platform to execute the shipment. There are many shipping platforms today. We have to choose the one that best suits our needs and characteristics.

What guidelines should we consider for sending a newsletter?

These are the main factors to consider when sending a newsletter:

  1. Think first of the reader:correct content is one that balances the interests of the company and the reader. Therefore, it is good to combine content marketing with other promotional emissions of the brand, to cause the interest of the reader and at the same time promote the products that may be of interest to the customer.
  2. Segment the lists: itis proven through various studies that segmenting the lists and customizing the submissions with the names of the subscribers is more effective in conversions. To do this, when customers are included in a previous document, before sending, it is convenient to put the data as completely as possible and include them in sub groups. For example: Albacete clients, men, ages between 20 and 30, pharmacists, among others. In this way, although we have a group called Castilla La Mancha customers, for example, we will have this option even more segmented to be able to customize our shipments more.
  3. A striking visual design:one of the best ways to seduce our customers is to use a design that is suggestive and above all usable. Ideally, they can access the information without problems. The photographs must be taken care of, the way in which the design is arranged, the links, if any, that arrive correctly at the places they point to. In short, a visual showcase that is colorful for the public to whom the shipment is made.
  4. Take care of the content: itis very important to use the correct language. For this we must ask ourselves how is our ideal client we are going to. That subscriber that is the goal of our words. We will use simple and direct language to expose our objectives as clearly as possible.
  5. Be brief and concise:do not cover too much space. Keep in mind that people do not have much time and want to access information clearly and directly. In this term it is very important to use the two previous sections regarding content and design to favor this point.
  6. Know our objectives:be clear about what we want to achieve by sending the newsletter. If you inform about new products, offer news about the brand or send content about the blog. It is important to devote time to define the objectives.

In this way, customers will regularly know about your brand and services, so they can be attentive to the news and content that you can offer them in order to generate sales and create a consolidated brand image to differentiate yourself from your competition.


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