Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera Review

We present you a complete analysis of the Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera, a high-end Cloud IP camera, perfect for video surveillance of your home and receiving intrusion notifications. Netatmo is the leading company in smart thermostats to control energy consumption in our home, but little by little it has been launching different devices with the aim of making our home smart. It currently has several devices such as an intelligent weather station, devices to measure the quality of the air in our home, and even different security-oriented devices such as indoor and outdoor cameras, door and window sensors, smoke detectors, sirens and even video doorbells. Today we bring you the Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera, one of the manufacturer’s star models in terms of home security.

Main features

The Smart Indoor Camera is a high-end model that will allow us to video monitor the interior of our home locally and also remotely, without having to carry out complicated configurations or having to configure our home router, since it uses reverse connections for the communication. A very important detail is that this camera is designed for indoor environments , that is, it is not able to withstand inclement weather such as rain and dust, if you need an outdoor camera Netatmo also has the Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera and the Smart Outdoor Camera with Netatmo siren, both models will serve you perfectly for outdoor places.


Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera


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The Smart Indoor Camera incorporates a 4MP sensor , capable of providing a Full HD resolution with 1920 x 1080 pixels , therefore, we have a high resolution to see very clearly everything that happens in our home. The camera incorporates an 8x zoom to enlarge the image and see in detail any area that we want, thanks to the high resolution we have available, the image will not become too pixelated. Another very important feature regarding the image is the viewing angle, in this case we have a viewing angle of 130º , ideal for covering a large space and recording everything wherever we place it. Regarding night vision, we have infrared at adistance of up to 8 meters , therefore, we can record everything that happens around in absolute darkness.

This model also has a microphone on the front to record everything that happens, in fact, it is capable of detecting alarm sounds from smoke detectors or alarms that we have at home, and it will automatically notify us that an alarm has gone off. , and will record absolutely everything to later inform us about it. The negative part is that we do not have two-way audio, that is, we do not have a speaker for us to talk through the app with the person on the other side.

Regarding the connectivity of this IP Cloud camera, we have the possibility of connecting it via WiFi in the 2.4GHz band as it is compatible with the 802.11b / g / n standards, as well as connecting it via Ethernet network cable , thanks to the Fast- port. Ethernet for the LAN that incorporates this model. In the configuration wizard we can choose both forms of connection, in order to adapt to our needs.

This Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera has a micro SD card slot of up to 32GB capacityAt most, in fact, the camera itself already incorporates a 16GB micro SD card with a class 10 capacity, so as not to have to spend extra money when buying this micro SD. The storage in the micro SD card will allow us to record videos and video clips locally, in addition, in order to protect our privacy, all videos will be encrypted, so no one can access them without having our Netatmo account to access to the camera. Although Netatmo does not have cloud or cloud recording for free, we do have the ability to store these videos and video clips in the “cloud”, using Dropbox or a local or remote FTP server. Thanks to this “external” storage, we can configure the recording in the cloud in two ways:

  • Dropbox : we will link our Dropbox account with that of Netatmo, we will create a specific folder where the camera will store all the videos, in order to have access to them at any time. To upload the videos, it is recommended to have a fast Internet connection, otherwise it will take too long to upload them.
  • FTP server : another possibility is to configure an FTP server, indicating the IP address or domain, port, username and password. This FTP server can be on the local network or on the Internet, in order to keep our video clips safe.

What we liked the most about this intelligent interior camera is the “intelligence” part, thanks to this feature, we will have the following functionalities:

  • Facial recognition of people : this camera is capable of detecting people and examining their faces, in order to show us their faces and configure whether they are known or unknown people. If we have the camera turned on and an unknown person enters our home, an intrusion notification will automatically jump warning us that a stranger has entered. If we save the faces of our family or friends, the camera will notify us that that specific person has entered our home, and it will also notify us through a Push notification.
  • Pet recognition : in order to avoid false alarms due to motion detection, this camera is also capable of detecting the pets that we have in our home, so that there are no false positives due to motion detection. We also have the possibility of configuring it to notify us, in this way, we can easily monitor our pets.
  • Recognition of alarm sounds : if the alarm of a smoke sensor sounds, or an alarm that we have in our house, the camera will also warn us that something has happened, and it will record everything so that we can later see it from the app.

Netatmo takes the security and privacy in our home very seriously, because of this, we have the possibility to disable the camera digitally, that is, we can deactivate the continuous recording of events, so we will not have motion detection, facial recognition or real-time visualization, it is as if we turned off the camera by removing the power, but we can enable it at any time. Netatmo with the purchase of this camera offers the service of viewing in real time, configurations and notifications through the Cloud without any type of subscription fee, that is, the only cost we will have is to buy the camera itself. In addition, another very important aspect is that this camera integrates perfectly with other Netatmo devices, such as the Opening Sensors for doors and windows, the Smart Outdoor Camera or Smart Smoke Detector.

Netatmo allows you to install and configure this camera easily and quickly through the free Netatmo Home + Security application , or by directly accessing the official Netatmo website, logging in and accessing the “Security” menu to access all smart devices related to the security of our home.


Home + Security

Developer: Legrand – Netatmo – Bticino


Home + Security

Developer: Legrand – Netatmo – Bticino

Other important features of this Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera model is that it integrates perfectly with Apple HomeKit, in this way, if you have an Apple ecosystem for home automation, it is perfectly compatible. We can also send you voice commands using Amazon Alexa and the Google assistant, to integrate this camera with the rest of the smart devices in our home.

Finally, this camera needs a power supply through a 5V and 2A micro USB port, so we could easily power it with an external battery. Regarding its dimensions, it measures 45x45mm and has a height of 15.5cm.

Once we know the main characteristics of this camera, let’s see what it is like and everything we have inside.

External analysis

This Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera comes in a small box, because the camera itself has a small size, although it measures 15.5cm high, an aspect that we must take into account. Netatmo is characterized by having an orange color in each and every one of its products, and this time it was not going to be different. On the front of the box we find that this camera is indoor, it has a micro SD card slot where we can store the videos completely free of charge, and we do not have to pay any additional subscription. It also informs us that we will be able to receive alerts in case of intrusion, it has facial recognition and has a privacy control to turn off the camera digitally, something we have already talked about in detail in the introduction.

On the back of the box we can find the rest of the technical specifications, such as that all the videos are stored in an encrypted way on the micro SD card, the installation is really easy and fast and in a few minutes we will have it up and running, in addition, It also incorporates Full HD 1080p resolution, pet recognition, optional Cloud storage in iCloud, Dropbox and on an FTP server, it has an 8x digital zoom, home alarm detection, allows infrared vision at a distance of up to 8 meters and we have a viewing angle of 130º. Right at the bottom we can see that it is compatible with the sensors for doors and windows, and the interior siren, in order to work together.

On the right side of the box we will find that this camera works with the Netatmo Security app, in addition, it is capable of detecting the faces of the people it records automatically, and it will warn us if it is an intruder or a relative, and all managed from the mobile application. On the left side of the box we will see that there is no type of subscription or extra cost, data security and privacy are guaranteed, and it has automatic updates through the Netatmo Cloud, as with the rest of their products.

Inside the box we can see the Netatmo smart indoor camera and also all the accessories and documentation. The contents of the box are as follows:

  • Netatmo smart indoor camera.
  • 5V and 2A current transformer with cable and micro USB connector.
  • Small USB to micro USB cable.
  • Two deterrent stickers.
  • Apple HomeKit installation card.
  • Camera Quick Installation Guide.
  • Brochure with other Netatmo products.

Next, you can see all the contents of the box in this gallery:

Netatmo has taken care of every last detail with this smart indoor camera, has incorporated two dissuasive stickers inside the box to place them in our home, indicating that we have video surveillance from the manufacturer. We also have an installation card for Apple HomeKit users, to facilitate installation and start-up. In the quick installation guide of the camera, the manufacturer makes recommendations on the placement of the camera, both in height and also that we should not place it in front of a window where the light falls from the front, something very important for the quality of the camera. image is perfect and avoid false positives by motion detection. It will also tell us how to install the camera using the Netatmo Home + Security app,

Netatmo has a lot of smart home products, currently we have Smart Thermostat, Smart Modulating Thermostat, Thermostatic Valves, Weather Station, Air Quality Detector, Indoor Siren, Smoke Detector, Smart Indoor Camera , Exterior Camera and Exterior Camera with Siren, as well as the Manufacturer’s Opening Sensors for doors and windows.

The manufacturer has incorporated a current transformer that is capable of providing 5V and 2A to correctly power the camera, the cable of this current transformer is long enough to avoid problems when connecting it to a nearby outlet. They have also incorporated a short USB to micro USB cable in case we want to connect the camera to an external battery or a plug thief that has USB outputs.

The first thing that strikes us about this Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera is the quality of the materials. It is finished in aluminum and has a really premium touch, it shows that we are facing a high-end IP camera, in addition, its cylindrical design and its color makes it really elegant. On the front we can see the camera sensor, the infrared LEDs and also the microphone that we find at the bottom of the device.

On the right side of the camera we will not find any slot or any port, and the same happens on the left side, since all the wired and micro SD connections are located on the back of the equipment.

In this back part we will find the slot for micro SD cards of up to 32GB capacity, we will also see the micro USB power connector, just below we will see the Fast-Ethernet port for the LAN, which will allow us to connect this IP camera through an Ethernet network cable to our router. Finally, we will see a QR code to add this device to Apple HomeKit easily and quickly.

As you have seen, this smart indoor camera from the manufacturer Netatmo has a really spectacular design, finishes and quality of really premium materials, so it is ideal to place it clearly in our home and record everything that happens.

Once we have seen the Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera in detail, we are going to go to the test lab to check the recording quality of the videos.

Netatmo Home + Security setup wizard

The first thing we have to do to install this camera is download the Netatmo Home + Security application. This application is available in the official Google Play and App Store stores, then you can download them directly:


Home + Security

Developer: Legrand – Netatmo – Bticino


Home + Security

Developer: Legrand – Netatmo – Bticino

Once downloaded, we have to create a new Netatmo account. If you previously owned any Netatmo product, then you will be able to log in with those access credentials without any problem, otherwise you will need to create a new account. To create a new account, simply click on “Create an account”, enter an email, a password, and finally accept the terms and conditions and data privacy.

Then, when we have already logged in with our new account, we must activate the WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS of the mobile to proceed with the installation and start-up. In our case, we will choose the “Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera” option, but here we will have the list of each and every one of the devices that we have available on the official Netatmo website regarding security.

The installation of this camera is really simple, we will simply have to connect it to the electric light and wait a minute, then we will have to turn the IP camera upside down until a green LED appears, then we will have to click on «Next» and our smartphone will start searching for the camera.

Once found, it will automatically start looking for WiFi networks that are around, select our WiFi network and enter the WPA or WPA2-Personal password that we have configured. Once we click on next, the camera will connect to the wireless WiFi network of our home, it will check if it has access to the Internet and it will congratulate us for having installed the camera correctly, now we can put the camera in its normal position and not upside down.

Next, we indicate the name of the house where we have configured this camera, if we already had other Netatmo devices we can put all the devices in the “same house” of the app. Then we will have to choose a name for the camera, and we will have it perfectly configured and ready to start video surveillance of our home.

Once we have finished configuring the camera correctly, the manufacturer launches a small virtual guide, indicating that the camera recognizes people, whether they are loved ones or intruders, in addition, it indicates that it is advisable to place it in a place where it is going to easily identify faces, and that we shouldn’t focus on a window due to incoming sunlight. Finally, the IP camera tells us that the faces change depending on the expressions, and that, in case of doubt, it will warn us to identify the face that has just been recorded.

Once we have seen what the installation process of this Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera is like, we are going to see all the available options of Netatmo Home + Security with this camera.

All Netatmo Home + Security options

In the main menu of Netatmo Home + Security we can see if it has recognized a face while at home, in addition, we can configure the security of the camera directly from this menu. Just below we can see the visualization in real time, and we can also see a timeline with all the motion detections or detection of people that the camera has made. The camera’s display menu is very simple, we can only modify the display resolution, from Full HD to minimum resolution, depending on the bandwidth you have, it will be convenient for you to choose one or the other. Something that has caught our attention is that we have a delay of about 8 seconds approximately from when something happens until we see it through the camera, generally this time is less in other manufacturers,

In the “Away” section, it will inform us of all the events that have occurred while the camera was configured as Away, that is, with no one at home. We also have different tabs like siren, sensors and smoke detector to install or see more information about these devices. If you do not plan to buy these devices and you want it to stop appearing to you, you must click on “Hide this screen”.

In the upper right part we can activate or deactivate the surveillance, that is, we can turn off or turn on the privacy mode of the camera so that it does not record more. We can also notify the interior camera that there is no one at home, so that it warns us and activates the maximum alert level for movement or face detection. Some of the options that we have the possibility to carry out with this camera in “Camera Settings” are:

  • Activate or not the red LED of the camera indicating that someone is watching the camera in real time.
  • Infrared night vision: automatic, always on or always off.
  • Mirror Image: Record videos with mirror effect
  • Activate or not the microphone
  • Request security code every time we suspend surveillance.

In the “Manage my home” section we can see the list of all Netatmo devices that we have. In this case, if we click on the camera, a menu of «Advanced settings» will appear, which is the one we have shown you before. We can also configure the WiFi to change the network, see the firmware version and the serial number / MAC of the equipment. Of course, we will have the possibility to rename the product, move it to another home and even delete it.

In the “Privacy settings” section we can configure the treatment of people made by the camera itself, the camera automatically considers that someone is absent after a certain period of time has elapsed, or if we have the location enabled on the smartphone and we are out of home. We can also delete old events, although it is normal to never delete them to see a complete history of everything that has happened.

Other configurations that we can do are the policies in case of detection of unknown faces, people, animals, other movements and alarms. Depending on what interests us, we can configure all this with video recording and push alert. We can also configure other policies in case the camera’s away mode is not activated, with the same configuration options.

When there is motion detection or people recognition, the camera will automatically record a video clip on the micro SD card that we have installed in the camera. However, we also have the possibility to upload these recordings to the cloud, either in iCloud (only for iPhone devices), to Dropbox and also to a local or remote FTP server, to have all the recordings of everything that happens in our home.

In the “Cloud storage / Install and configure Dropbox” section we can associate our Dropbox account with the Netatmo account to proceed with uploading the video clips. We can activate or deactivate the uploading of videos whenever we want, in addition, we can choose the resolution of the video. We must bear in mind that a high resolution will make the video file larger, and, therefore, that the upload of the video takes longer. At the bottom we will have the possibility to configure the video recording policy if we know the faces of the people who record and if we want to record the videos by motion detection. We can activate these two policies if it is in absent mode (no one is home) or always.

In the case of the FTP server, the configurations that we must make are to put the IP or domain, the port, the username and where to save the video clips.

In the users section we will be able to give other users access to our camera, we can also install new devices and even manage the account with security, see the legal information and see the associated applications.

Regarding the display of the camera, we can choose the resolution that we want, 1080p, 720p, 360p and 216p. The higher the resolution, the greater the bandwidth we will need to be able to see the video.

As you have seen, we have a large number of configuration options with this camera, what has caught our attention the most are the different profiles that we can configure as absent, if we want it to record known and unknown faces, etc. However, we miss several aspects, first of all, it does not allow taking photos on demand with storage on the smartphone itself, the only way to do this would be to take a screenshot. Finally, it also does not allow you to record videos on demand, only by motion and people detection.

1080p recording tests

The Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera does not allow taking photos or snapshots using the web interface or the app, the following “photos” have been taken with the real-time display in 1080p resolution, putting a full screen and taking a screenshot. We have tested this camera in a total of three locations, a room of about 10 square meters, one of about 20 square meters, and in the garage with about 30 square meters.

The images in daytime environments are as follows, we must indicate that this daytime environment was with cloudy skies, so there was not too much light.

The images in night environments are as follows:

As you can see, the quality of the images of this Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera is excellent in daytime environments, it is what has impressed us the most about this camera, and that is that the image quality during the day is really impressive. In daytime environments, however, it is only good or at best remarkable, in a small room the image quality is good, but we expected much more, in larger rooms we have noticed that the image quality in general is somewhat better, surely either because its infrared is quite powerful and it behaves better in rooms or large places.

In the following video you can see the video quality of the Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera. We have recorded with her in a small room (10-12 square meters), in a larger room (about 20 square meters) and finally in the garage (30 square meters).

As you can see the image quality is perfect in daytime environments, it looks really good, the image is very sharp, the focus is really fast, in short, in daytime environments the image of this camera is perfect. However, in night settings it is not as good as we expected. It performs better in large rooms than in small rooms, because its infrared is quite powerful.

Once we have seen all the characteristics of the camera, the functions of the app that we have and also the image quality in photos and video, we are going to make a list of strengths and weaknesses of this camera that we liked so much .


  • Excellent daytime image quality with Full HD 1080p resolution.
  • The design of the camera is very good and the quality of the materials is excellent.
  • Wi-Fi N connectivity to communicate with the router wirelessly (2.4GHz).
  • Ethernet network cable connectivity.
  • Microphone to hear everything that happens on the other side.
  • Perfect integration with Netatmo Home + Security and the rest of the devices in the family.
  • It has a micro SD card slot of up to 32GB capacity, it already includes a 16GB card.
  • Recording in the Dropbox Cloud and a local or remote FTP server.
  • Motion detection to automatically record everything that happens.
  • Recognition of people, to notify us if family members or strangers have entered.
  • Detect pets to avoid false alarms due to movement.
  • Infrared LEDs to record in low light conditions and even in the deepest darkness up to 8 meters away.
  • Ease of set-up, configuration and daily use.
  • Price: remarkable, we can find it around € 180, a somewhat high price but it has unique characteristics such as people recognition and image quality.

Weak points

  • Image quality in night environments is lower than expected.
  • It does not have a speaker for two-way audio.
  • It does not allow taking photos or videos on demand.

Last conclusions

This Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera integrates perfectly with the rest of the manufacturer’s «Security» devices, this model has high-end features such as Full HD 1080p resolution, microphone, infrared and management from the manufacturer’s Cloud, where we can see the camera in real time both via the web and also through the mobile app. The design of this camera is one of the parts that we liked the most, it has a really elegant cylindrical design, the quality of the materials is really good and you can see it as soon as you touch it. As for the possibility of connecting it to the Internet via WiFi and via cable, it is another point in favor, especially in a camera as small as this one, although we must bear in mind that it is 15.5cm high, something that will impress us nothing else. take it out of the box.

The video recording quality is excellent in daytime environments, as you have seen in the screenshots and also in the recorded video, the image looks really sharp, we can zoom up to 8x without the image get too pixelated, plus the focus is really fast and face recognition is instantaneous. However, in night environments it has not behaved as well as we expected, in larger rooms it looks much better than in small rooms, but in all the images we will see a kind of white “halo”, which in the image with the smartphone It is hardly noticeable, but it is on the PC or when we save and open the recorded video clip.

Face recognition is one of the strengths of this camera, and the truth is that it works really well, in fact, it can easily recognize faces that appear on film. A very important detail for this functionality to work well is the placement of the camera, you must record without any light source pointing directly at the equipment, and if possible, place it in a location where you can see people’s faces well. If you wear glasses, it will recognize two faces, your face without glasses and your face with glasses, in addition, it could also recognize you as “not known” if you are on your side. Our recommendation is that you record yourself in all possible ways, just as smartphones do with facial recognition, so that later you do not have problems.

The possibility of saving the video clips on the micro SD card and also in the iCloud Cloud, Dropbox or a local or external FTP server is a plus, in this way, if someone steals our camera, they will automatically upload everything to the cloud so as not to lose the recordings made and to be able to catch the thief. We believe that cloud recording is essential nowadays, Netatmo does not have cloud recording natively, but it does provide these options so interested and widely used by most of us, to keep all our videos safe.

The Netatmo software and the advanced configuration options that we have in this camera have enchanted us, we can enter all the administration and visualization of the camera both via the web and also via the app, we have exactly the same configuration options in both, so which is ideal to monitor our home in both ways without having any kind of problem. In addition, we must remember that it integrates perfectly with Apple HomeKit and we can also integrate Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant to greatly facilitate our lives and have all the home automation unified. The only weak point that we can put is that in the real-time visualization we cannot take photographs or snapshots, as it happens with other camera models, nor make a recording from the smartphone on demand,

As for the price, this camera is priced at around € 180, although at certain times it may be lower due to offers or if you buy a pack on the official Netatmo website.


Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera


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Our evaluation of this Netatmo smart indoor camera after testing its performance and image quality, checking all the options of the Netatmo Home + Security app, and the price of 180 euros, is 9/10 .

We hope you liked the analysis, if you have any questions you can put a comment and we will respond delightedly.

Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera

Resolution Full HD 1080p
Night vision Yes, with infrared up to 8 meters away
Speaker Does not have
Microphone Yes
MicroSD card Up to 32GB capacity
Cloud Yes, iCloud, Dropbox and FTP recording

The best

  • High-end features with Full HD 1080p
  • Excellent design and quality of materials
  • Internet connectivity via WiFi and via wired Ethernet
  • Infrared up to 8 meters, microphone, micro SD card slot
  • Recording in the cloud of iCloud, Dropbox and local or remote FTP server
  • Motion detection, people recognition and pet detection
  • Very easy to use and really complete application and software


  • Image quality in night environments
  • It has no speaker
  • Does not allow taking photos and videos on demand

Photographic Quality


Video quality


Configuration options


Easy to use








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