Nest . It is a place of refuge used by animals to procreate and raise their offspring [1] . The oviparous ( birds , reptiles , insects , fish ) lay their eggs and incubate them in the nests, while the mammals stop in them, but all subsequently raise their offspring in the nests.


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The nests are usually made of organic material (twigs, grass and leaves ), and can be located on the branches or in the hollow of a tree , in a crack or rock inlet , on the ground or in the bushes . In general, each species has its own styles of nests, both in location, shape and materials, although there are species that share the same nests and some species even steal the nests of others. At present, in addition, the human being places wooden boxes to favor the nesting of different species.

Bird nests

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Not all birds make nests; for example, it is not built by the majority of gallinaceous , wading ( Gruiformes and Ciconiformes ) and palmípedas. The cuckoo , from Europe , saves itself all the trouble and deposits its eggs in the nests of other birds, such as the larks , the common reed warblers , the thrushes , etc.

Some birds use very little art in their work. The eagles built in the hollow of a rock one nest vast discovered call was ; It consists of a platform made up of pieces of firewood and surrounded by some stakes, where it also deposits its prey. The eater content to deposit in the hollow of a tree some feathers and mud. The ostrich lays its eggs on the sand heated by the sun .

Other birds, by contrast, build their nests with great care. The magpie lays hers on top of the trees. The goldfinch , finch and warbler are distinguished by the perfection of their nests. The blackbird and abubilla daub their nests inside with a thin layer of “mortar” and hold heat with noils and moss . The swallows build theirs with a kind of “cement” that they make with melted powder and immediately shape it with their beaks.

Many birds nest together; so do the gulls of Jutland and the albatrosses of the Falkland Islands . The Texans come together to form in the same tree a vast nest divided into numerous compartments.

Nests of other animals

The batrachians and reptiles are limited to depositing their eggs in a place on purpose for their rupture. Among the fish , there are some that build true nests ; so do the black gobia , the river urchins of Europe and the guramis of India . Other animals, which are not oviparous, also build nests ; for example, peasant mice or squirrels , which build a nest similar to that of magpies on top of holm oaks or pines .


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