What is NBR;(Technical Rule), Is NBR Mandatory

What is NBR:

NBR is an acronym used to represent the expression  Technical Rule . It is a set of rules and technical rules related to documents, procedures or processes applied to companies or certain situations.

An NBR is created by the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT). This body is responsible for the organization and elaboration of technical standards that are applied in different areas, ranging from academic research to documents and business procedures.

What is the function of NBR?

The NBR, like other standards, serves to standardize, organize and qualify the production of documents or procedures. Standardization, through compliance with technical standards, facilitates understanding, since all documentation is made up of the same standard.

These standards may, for example, relate to:

  • formatting and documentation settings,
  • stages of performing procedures and processes,
  • appropriate use of pre-defined terms, symbols, and classifications to facilitate understanding.

Other advantages of using NBR

The habit of using technical standards is also efficient in reducing the occurrence of process failures , since it guarantees a quality standard in the documents. The investment in the quality of what is produced is always positive for a company, since it gives more reliability to the elaborated materials.

Another advantage of the use of NBR is the improvement in the efficiency of the production of business documents, since the procedures are always carried out following the same pattern. Thus over time companies have gains in productivity and time savings.

Types of NBR

It is important to know that the NBR does not refer only to the preparation of documents and processes. There are hundreds of technical standards specific to several areas, such as:

  • Standards of quality management systems.
  • Standardization of operational procedures.
  • Accessibility standards.
  • Environmental management.
  • Occupational safety.
  • Construction, acoustics and engineering.
  • Data storage and information systems.
  • Methods of measurement.
  • Food safety.
  • File management.
  • Standards for health products.
  • Control of fuels.

Get to know some of the most used NBRs.

NBR 5410

The NBR 5410 is related to standards that address safety issues for workers who make electrical installations. The standard also serves to regulate the quality of facilities to prevent accidents that may be caused by facilities made carelessly.

The standard is quite broad and covers the safety of internal and external installations and the standard of applied electrical voltages, as well as measures to avoid short circuits, both in new installations and in cases of renovation.

NBR 6118

The NBR 6118 regulates what procedures should be adopted in engineering projects for the construction of structures and concrete beams. The technical standard establishes which parameters should be followed to ensure safety and durability in reinforced concrete structures.

They are covered by the standard specifications such as: quality of the concrete used in the work, mechanical resistance of the material used and adequate amounts of cement and water.

The standard also defines the use of spacers to achieve the correct measurements between the spaces, defining which are the minimum and maximum measures that must be used in the construction.

NBR 6023

The NBR 6023 defines technical norms for academic works , especially for the organization of bibliographical references used in research works. It is a norm used frequently for the presentation of academic and scholarly works, such as monographs, dissertations and theses.

Technical standard NBR 6023 is very detailed and defines aspects of formatting, such as use of fonts, spacing, expressions and characters. It also determines how the names of the authors and books used during the research should be indicated.

The NBR also regulates how the query is presented to virtual documents. These have special registration rules, such as annotating the date of access to the content.

About norms for academic work see the articles:  ABNT Standards for Academic Works  and  Abbreviations in citations according to ABNT standards.

Is NBR mandatory?

In general the use of a NBR is not mandatory , but is indicated to guarantee greater security of the processes, constructions, facilities and circulation of documents.

In some specific cases the standards may be mandatory. In these situations the obligation must be in a law that defines in which situations it should be adopted.

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