NBA 2K19 guide, tips and tricks

Welcome to the NBA 2K19 guide , here we will review the list of all the classic teams and the 30 All-Time franchises , as well as the best players. We will also return to El Parque so that you know all the news and get the most out of its activities. We also do not forget about My GM , a management mode in which we will go deeper so that you win the champion ring, and My Team , an option that is renewed with new game modes. Finally, we will give a series of playable tips to get the most out of NBA 2K19.

What’s New in NBA 2K19 vs. NBA 2K18

NBA 2K19 returns one more year with very interesting news. The main change has been the new distribution of El Parque , a much more accessible and functional place. Here we find the best street basketball, counting this year with a new area with tracks equipped with elastic mats, a more arcade and really fun game mode. The Park also incorporates the new Jordan Rec Center , for the return of gangs, and the possibility of moving around using means of transport such as skateboards or bicycles. For its part, My Career has a new story focused on the difficulties that the most limited players must overcome until they reach the NBA.

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My Team has also been renewed and now has two new game modes called Triple Threat and Unlimited . The first of them confronts us in 3 vs 3 matches (offline and online) with the best of 21 points, being able to choose the best players in our collection. For its part, Unlimited are online matches 5 vs 5 in which we will have to achieve the best possible streak before losing three games, obtaining numerous prizes if we reach the limit of 12 victories. Finally, My GM again has a very interesting narrative aspect to manage our franchise, although this year it adds the Traditional option.

At a playable level, the video game has improved the physics system, making the simulation more realistic. To add more playable depth , a new shot meter for the trays has been incorporated , a mechanism that takes into account our timing and the defense of the rival, and that allows a more credible basketball. In addition, as the last great novelty, the streak system has been renewed, a section that will now only be influenced by the unique qualities of each player.


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