A natural product against lice

With the arrival of spring, many mothers know it, the children bring home lodged in their heads some guests who give a lot of fuss: lice . It is not serious but it is very unpleasant because they sting a lot and the females of them reproduce at breakneck speed by laying between 100 and 300 eggs in each hair.

Lice have been with us since the beginning of time. It is known that the famous King Sol, Louis XIV, suffered constantly. A court where bathing was done by medical recommendation every two or three weeks, where large cumulus wigs of all kinds of infections were used, were the ideal breeding ground for friendly lice. In fact, at that time it was common for these men and women of high society to carry a small ivory hand at the end of a long handle , which was intended to scratch their heads under the wig, wherever the louse ruled the head of the king of France.

As you can see, lice do not understand ranges in the land, what they do understand is succulent heads and although correct hygiene does not eradicate them, it does, at least, not find their breeding ground to reproduce at ease.

To date, some pesticides have been used with more or less optimal results but with certainly unpleasant side effects due to their composition. Mainly pyrethroids (permitrines), chemical substances that are used as insecticides and insect repellents for their neurotoxic effect causing paralysis and death. In addition to the respiratory effects they cause (there may even be difficulties in breathing due to their high toxicity), it has been proven that lice have begun to become (mutating their gene) resistant to themHence, the effectiveness of many products in the old generation market are questioned. There was a need to create new formulas that would kill them effectively and, by the way, trying to find products with fewer side effects. Keep in mind that lice are fattened by younger children who sometimes spread them to their younger siblings, even babies.

The prestigious Pilar Mateo, considered among the top 25 best scientists in the world, PhD in Chemical Sciences from the University of Valencia and from the CSIC and Doctor Honoris Causa from the University of Anahuac in Mexico, full member of the Rael Academy of Sciences from Spain… (her cv has 33 pages full of publications, studies and awards) known for being a tireless fighter against malagas de chagas (infection caused by a large bedbug in Bolivia), for being a scholar also against Malaria in Africa, in addition to being a great scientist, is a woman highly committed to the poorest. “In the southern cone, he says, millions of people die every year from diseases transmitted by insect bites that were eradicated here in Spain in the 1960s.”

Mateo, a great “friend” of bugs and their ways of life, has been the creator of a new patent against lice, the so-called Inex piojicida . A novel product since it breaks with the previously known compositions and, in addition, kills the louse mechanically, by suffocation, thus preventing the minimum possibility of laying eggs, nits. It is a 100% natural, 100% non-toxic product and respects the environment as it is 100% biodegradable. They do not contain insecticides, permitrines, parabens or silicones. The innovative technology it provides are the polymeric microcapsules that incorporate the active ingredient of tea tree oil.

The way of use is very simple. It is applied as a shampoo , it is left to act for 30 minutes, preferably with a plastic on the head, it is rinsed with abundant water and then the nit in the box is passed to comb the remains of dead lice and nit eggs. The process can be repeated after 10 days as a preventive measure and can be used by the whole family, even by a baby of only days.


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