Nando Muzi

Nando Muzi. Italian style shoe brand .


It emerged when this great Italian designer was barely 25 years old . At that time, the small family business only had three employees, today there are more than one hundred. The style has also evolved: at the beginning the heels of the Nando Muzi shoes were more discreet and did not exceed 5 centimeters , as the designer sought elegance and femininity in more demure styles.

His first major success was the collection gold and silver , especially in the north of Europe . But it was in the year 1980 when the taste for heel high becomes an unmistakable stamp, garnering great recognition in countries like Germany , Britain and Luxembourg ; the company is digested today by Nando Muzi’s son Michelle. It is pure sophistication and pure Italian style. His models have the unmistakable stamp of a country and a way of understanding the worldof fashion, but it is also the true reflection of the creator of this firm of women’s shoes . Above all current trends, this style of women’s footwear is free and handcrafted, since all shoes are made by hand and with care, “as if they were a work of art”, according to the brand itself. A style and artisanal way of creating that is not at odds with the new times and new sales techniques. In fact, in the online shoe store with this brand, all Nando Muzi shoe models are available at the click of a button. The prices of this brand of women’s footwear are high, in accordance with the quality and special care used in each of the items that are produced. Therefore, the several hundredeuros that each shoe costs are justified by the special character of each one of them. Shipping is free.

Product Details

Variety and quality at the best price following the latest trends in footwear . The trends of this Spring – Summer 2015 are vertigo heels , mid-height or flat, sandals , stilettos, roman or slippers . Slip-on’s is a comfortable, casual and less sporty option. This model comes in a wide variety of designs, from those that attract attention for their thick sole, to the metallic and decorated with textures and applications. Square heels for those who prioritize comfort. Square heeled sandals will be a fabulous and convenient alternative as they are a midpoint, neither too casual nor too elegant. As for every day. The Nando Muzi brand has an average score of 50 out of 100; those for women’s salons have a score of 50 out of 100.


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