Why We Must Study Computer Science

Computer science is a science that studies all the basic states of information : its appearance, transmission, storage, etc. This is one of the youngest sciences, which appeared relatively recently, but managed to develop well. Scientists believe that computer science has played a very important role: the amount of data is constantly increasing, which gives us more opportunities for analysis. Thanks to informatics, it became possible to search for information, process and share it with others.

Computer science arose in the middle of the last century. In the twentieth century, the amount of information began to increase sharply, so it was necessary to have time to process it. The first electronic devices appeared that significantly facilitated the work of people, thanks to technological growth, the possibility of instant information processing appeared.

Informatics consists of two basic concepts – information and automation. This means that this science allows all operations with information to be performed without human participation. Now it is difficult to imagine the ordinary life of a person without computer science, since it is used everywhere. Take, for example, factories, agricultural schools, shops, etc. In any area of ​​the public, a lot of different information is processed every day.

Computer science has its own algorithm. A separate program is created for each sphere of human activity, which collects all the information, makes its analysis, and in the future performs the necessary actions. Thanks to this science, we gain new knowledge in a particular area.

What are the tasks of computer science?

  • Creation of new ways of processing information based on the received data;
  • The use of computer technology in all enterprises and other industries;
  • Creation of new computer technology;
  • The study of all the basic information processes and the creation of new ones based on them.

3 main areas of computer science

Informatics as a science is divided into three branches:

  1. Theoretical informatics. He studies all the processes of searching and analyzing information, studies the ways of human communication with technical machines.
  2. Technical informatics. These stages are the creation of new computer machines, robots, etc. to facilitate work and automate processes in the national economy.
  3. Applied Informatics. Designed to create new bases, theoretical foundations and rational methods.

Another simple definition of what computer science is is a special science that helps us process information automatically. Science is relatively young, at the moment it is actively developing.


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