What Is Multimeter;Uses,And Probes In Digital Multimeter

multimeter or tester is a tool that is able to determine the value of many different electrical quantities.It makes it possible to carry out measurements of resistance , electric current and voltage.The multitester display can be either analog or digital.

What Is Multimeter;Uses,And Probes In Digital Multimeter

Through this tool it is possible: 

  • determine the value of the different electrical quantities
  • measure the resistances
  • diagnose if there are problems or not on the electrical circuit
  • find out if there are any malfunctions or anomalies in the electrical system.

A multimeter has three parts:

  • Display
  • Selector for Selection
  • Ports

The display  in the digital multimeter usually has four digits and the possibility of displaying a negative sign.The selection knob allows the user to set the multimeter to read different things like milliamps (mA) of current, voltage (V) and resistance (Ω).

What Are The Main Categories of Multimeter

Category I: this can be used for voltages, very low powers and currents

Cat. II: this is mainly used at a professional level to control domestic systems

Cat. III: this can be used to control the power loads that can occur in the distribution panels, on the sockets or on the engines.

Category IV: this is the latest model of tester and can be used for very high powers, for voltage, for currents or for large electrical systems and also for general distribution boards.

Types of Probe In Multimeter

There are many different types of probes available for multimeters. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Alligator clip probe: These use large cables for connection to connect to plugs or attachments. Excellent for performing long-term tests in which you must have to hold the probes in place while working on a circuit.
  • Hook probes: they work well on smaller integrated circuits.
  • Tweezer probe: Tweezers are handy if you need to test the components.
  • Classic probes: These are the probes applied directly to the body of the tester, the stem probe with tip.
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