What is a Multilateral Development Bank?

Multilateral Development Bank or Multilateral Development Bank is an institution created by a group of countries, which provides financing and professional advice for development purposes. Multilateral development banks have large memberships including developed donor countries, and developing lending countries. Multilateral development banks finance projects in the form of long-term loans at market prices, long-term loans (also known as loans) below market prices, and through grants.

Financial Institutions classified as Multilateral Development Banks

  • The World Bank
  • European Investment Bank
  • Islamic Development Bank
  • Asian Development Bank
  • European Reconstruction and Development Bank
  • CAF – Latin American Development Bank (CAF)
  • Inter-American Development Bank Group (IDB, IADB)
  • African Development Bank
  • New Development Bank (NDB)
  • Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
  • Arab Petroleum Investment Company (APICORP)


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