How to motivate a team as a BOSS

Knowing how to motivate a team is a true art of influencing people so that they feel like doing what is necessary.

Deep down, motivating means giving a reason , a reason for the person to do that.

That is why many times his team is not motivated: he does not see why he is involved with that task and those plans: he is not perceiving any value for him, that is: each member of the team, does not see what the advantage to try harder.

No, do not say : – I am paying a salary, this is reason enough!

Whoever thinks like that, will never know how to motivate a team!

A very interesting posture is to try to create an entrepreneurial culture in the company , but for this to work, it is necessary to reward results. We will talk about this later.

And if you want to pass some of that spirit on to your employees, we recommend that you watch some entrepreneurship videos , mainly from TED Talks.

But let’s be more objective in this post. We could talk here of the famous theories of Erzberg , David McClelland and Marslow , or even spend a few productivity phrases to inspire his team and motivate employees .

Instead, we’ll go through five practical tips that summarize the ideal behavior a leader should have . There are 5 letters that summarize how to motivate a team, BOSS :

  • C ONDITIONS appropriate work
  • H onrarias, Awards and Recognition
  • And team NVOLVEMENT in finding solutions
  • F eedback Constant
  • And XAMPLE and Competence

We’ll look at each of these factors in more detail below.

BOSS: how to motivate a sales team with 5 leader attitudes!

These team management practices have a little bit of each of the theories cited above. Basically, they are a simple way to deal with your group and show that you care about them and how much you need them to achieve the best results.

1- Adequate working conditions

Without working conditions, there is no way to motivate a team. And we are not talking about precarious situations here, we are talking about providing equipment, software, courses and training , as well as remuneration consistent with the market, benefits, transportation, food and, if possible, promoting worker health.

And that factor, mind you, is not motivating for the team , but without it, it will be impossible to motivate them!

2- Honors, Awards and Recognition

If you stop only at honors, that is, diplomas, certificates, trophies and speeches, it will not work. It is necessary to do all 3 things : honor those who deserve it, reward (preferably in cash) and publicly acknowledge .

By this, we mean that it is possible to go far beyond commissions to generate motivation in sales or any other activity in your business.

Rewarding travel and experiences can be very effective, as well as involving the family of the winners.

3- Team involvement in the search for solutions

It is not enough to give orders, delegate tasks, control results, correct directions and make new decisions, without anyone understanding very well what is happening.

Teams need to understand how they are contributing to the success of the company and how the role of each member is important for things to happen optimally.

Hold alignment meetings, ask for suggestions, delegate responsibilities!

Feeling part of a larger process, a common goal of the group, makes people have a reason to work and be committed to the results.

4- Constant feedback

But we are not talking here about those boring meetings between boss and employee in which nobody really knows how to give feedback and ends up generating a terrible malaise.

Think of it this way: after you have managed to involve your team in the projects and each professional begins to strive to give the best of themselves. There is no way to motivate a team without constantly updating work performance, how each one is doing and how the other hierarchical levels of the company are seeing their effort.

Even if the results are deviating from the objectives, gather the team and explain what is happening, try to find out together what can be improved, correct the directions and create learning for the next projects!

5- Example and Competence

No one follows someone they do not trust, who says one thing and does another and who does not follow the same rules that he charges his subordinates. The boss needs to show that he understands what he is doing, that his orders have relevance and reason for being and, more than that, he must be a model of conduct for his employees.

There are only 5 letters, but they can make a huge difference in the motivation of your teams, try it!

This post was written by Gustavo Paulillo , CEO of Agendor , a web and mobile app that helps thousands of teams to organize and increase sales daily. Through Agendor, you centralize the customer registration, monitor sales in progress and extract detailed reports to analyze the results of your business.


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