Mortarboard Small, square beanie, usually with a tassel on top, worn by clerics .


The color contains great symbolism as it is differentiated according to its ecclesiastical rank, for example, the appointment of a cardinal occurs during a solemn act in which the pope imposes on him the red cap, replacing the capelo that was imposed prior to the Vatican Council II . The differentiation by colors is as follows:

  • Red, no red tassel tassel or in silk moire silk or smooth.
  • Apostolic nuncios . Purple, in moiré silk, with tassel of the same color.
  • Bishops . Purple, in smooth silk, with tassel of the same color.
  • Canons . Black, smooth, with red tassel.
  • Major prelates. Black, smooth, with purple tassel.
  • Parish priests. Black, smooth, with tassel of the same color.
  • Rest of the clergy. It is usually black, smooth and without tassel, although there are many differences in the color of the tassel and in the use of colored cords on the edges, depending on degrees and local customs


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