Mortadella : The name “mortadella” comes from the Latin words that mean “myrtle” and “mortar”, so this Roman sausage may be the predecessor of the mortadella. This is a meat product that originated in the city of Italy Bologna although there is evidence that can be connected before the time delos Romans , its main ingredients are meat of pork is seasoned with pepper , walnuts , garlic , olive .


Mortadella is probably the best-known sausage of Italian origin in the world ; It is not that it is the best specialty of the rich trasalpino repertoire, but it is undoubtedly the most imitated and, surely, the worst performed far from its area of ​​origin.

The mortadella, it seems, has a letter of a Bolognese nature. Bologna has always had a fair reputation in the gastronomic field. The name, according to the scholars, can be derived from the Latin expression ‘farcinem murtatum’ or ‘myrtatum’, which alluded to the filling of a certain type of sausage whose ingredients included myrtle berries; in fact, in the past this product was used to flavor it, from where it would have derived the name Mortadella.

The mortadella is made, in principle, from lean minced pork , stuffed with strips of bacon . The normal thing was – and still is – to mix pork with beef ; the bacon is used, above all, to compensate for the natural dryness of the latter. It should be noted that the use of a certain percentage of horse meat in the preparation of mortadella is authorized , in addition to a whole series of additives. The best mortadella, the one that only contains pork, is marked with the letter ‘S’ (from suino); the ‘SB’ is for pig and beef, the ‘SE’ for pig and horse and the ‘EB’ for horse and cow . the fatit’s always pork. The ‘wrapper’ in which the meats are stuffed was originally a pig or cow bladder ; today the artificial ‘gut’ abounds.


The classic mortadella, after sausage, was put in brine and smoked; This operation is extremely important and delicate, and each manufacturer has his own method. Today, the mortadella is prepared to last a long time; but it is convenient, once the first cut is given, to consume it quickly, since when in contact with the air the meat does not take long to dry or lose its characteristic flavor.
The Mortadella is quite seasoned pink color where sometimes “la grassa” predominates, a nickname that means “the fat”. It is manufactured by at the least 500 years, although there is evidence suggesting that it may be before the time Roman. A similar sausage prized by the Romans was made with a mortar and pylon andmyrtle berries . It is the predecessor of the American sausage called Bologna sausage. The mortadella varies considerably depending on the place of manufacture; the American and Italian versions, in particular, are very different.
Genuine Italian mortadella is considered a delicacy. A cold cut is seasoned with spices, which can range from whole or ground peppercorns, myrtle berries, or ground nutmeg to coriander . Most of them contain garlic. It is also common pistachio ground, peppers or olives .


The mortadella is made from minced pork, salt , anise , pistachios, peppercorns , coriander, and wine. On the surface, the mortadella looks like a greasy Bologna sausage, but the genuine sausage doesn’t look like Bologna sausage in taste and texture. . It is prized for its spicy flavor and for its texture that melts in your mouth .

Nutritional value

The mortadella is, nutritionally, comparable to the Bologna sausage made from pork . Although it contains a high level of protein and a low level of carbohydrates , it contains a considerable amount of sodium, saturated fat and cholesterol. A 2-ounce (56 g) serving of bologna has 170 calories and 14 g of fat , of which 5 g are saturated. They also contain 560 mg of sodium and 30 mg of cholesterol . While an occasional serving of mortadella does not cause health problems.


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