Molecular coffee, the alternative to traditional coffee

Molecular coffee (Molecular Coffe) is the new drink that the startup Atomo Coffe has presented, ensuring that it perfectly mimics the organoleptic qualities of a coffee without using a single grain.

Today we know the so-called molecular coffee developed by the startup Atomo Coffe, founded by a group of researchers from different areas, with the purpose of offering an alternative to traditional coffee with the same organoleptic qualities, so that those who are passionate about this drink create They drink a traditional coffee when they are actually drinking a different product.

Molecular coffee has been made by reverse engineering , that is, a cup of coffee has been analyzed to determine all its chemical components and the way in which they interact created a molecular map to produce a new substance that can offer the same aroma and flavor . The product obtained is made with natural and sustainable ingredients, and is prepared in the same way that a cup of coffee would be prepared in any type of coffee maker.

The coffee consumption increases year after year, forcing to increase production , but at the same time, warns that climate change is affecting the cultivation of coffee, so you will not be able to meet demand. Recall that a study conducted in 2016 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, concluded that the production of Arabica coffee was threatened in producing areas of Brazil and Central America, calculating that 80% of the land would be unviable for cultivation by 2050.

Since then, alternative areas have been sought to start production, an example is Australia , although it must also be remembered that some experts believe that this solution will not be viable if wild coffee species are not protected before , species that have interesting characteristics and that They can help create new plants capable of withstanding climatic, adverse conditions, diseases and other problems.

The fact is that Atomo Coffe presents its drink as a good alternative both organoleptic and production level, being better for the planet than traditional coffee. It is noted that molecular coffee is not associated with deforestation as it has been associated with coffee as usual, pesticides are not needed, there are no problems related to labor rights, etc. It can be said that it is a cover letter similar to that of cultured meat or cell-based meat , as it is now called.

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