What Is Mobile Banking:12 Advantages Of Mobile Banking

Basically, the term mobile banking refers to the use of a smartphone for  to perform banking tasks. It is  online service that banks offer their customers, such as checking account balances, transferring funds between accounts, payment of invoices, and so on.

What Is Mobile Banking:12 Advantages Of Mobile Banking

Advantages Of Mobile Banking And Internet Banking:

  • Payments (bills and tickets)
  • Transfers between the institution’s own accounts
  • Transfer via TED or DOC to any bank
  • Licensing of vehicles and payment of fines (depends on the bank) Cell phone recharge •
  • International Transfer Application in investments Application Redemption
  • Balance and statement inquiry Request for financial products and services (credit card, loan, checks, etc) Among many other transactions.

Some Valuable Tips For You When To Use Mobile Banking

  • Always check the URL (address) of the Bank’s website – many people fall into scams after entering bank information on fake sites;
  • Green padlock – see if the site has a green lock next to the address, this shows that the connection is secure (encrypted) and that the identity of the bank has been confirmed.
  • Never enter more than one security key in a single transaction;
  • Have an updated antivirus on your computer; Never click on email links from people you do not trust;
  • Most banks never send ‘clickable” emails, this is for the security of the account holder.
  • Beware of fake emails from banks that threaten to cancel your internet banking access if you do not take action – it does not exist!
  •  Periodically change your internet banking password; If possible, have an email used exclusively to receive bank statements;
  • To make the Internet banking environment safe, most banks use a token, which requires validation through a unique code generated randomly through an electronic device or through APR Never give your password to third parties.

The  Mobile Banking allows you to perform banking transactions without going to the bank. All you need is an app and a mobile phone (or another mobile device) to consult the balance, order transfers and make payments.

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