What Is Miticoçan;Uses,Side Effects And Treatment

Miticoçan is a medicine used to kill lice and nits and to treat scabies. It is topical in liquid or soap.The active principle of this remedy is benzoyl benzoate and can be found in pharmacies under the names Parasimed, Acarsan, Benzotisan, Sarnilab or Zilaben, for example. benzoyl benzoate is marketed by the Aché laboratory and can be purchased without a prescription.


Miticoçan is indicated for the treatment of pediculosis, which is when there are lice and nits in the hair and for Scabies, popularly known as scabies.

Mode of Use

Miticoçan can be used in liquid or soap. In the case of liquid solution for children up to 2 years, it is advisable to dilute 1 part of the product to 2 parts of water and between 2 and 12 years the dilution of 1 part of the product to 1 part of water. adults do not need dilution.

Treatment of pediculosis

You should wash your hair, apply enough of the product and let it act for 3 minutes on the head. Nits and lice should be removed with a fine comb.

Treatment of scabies

In the case of scabies it is recommended to apply the product in the body after the bath and to leave to act during the night and the following day, one must take a new bath. In case of use of soap, the affected area should be washed with abundant foam and allowed to act for 5 minutes, then rinsing the skin.

Side effects

The main side effects include itching and rash on the skin.


The use of miticoçan is contraindicated in pregnancy and during breastfeeding. In addition, it should not be used when there are skin lesions, wounds and burns.

Pharmacological Characteristics

Benzyl benzoate (active substance) is used effectively in the treatment of scabies and pediculosis. Its rapid and safe effect makes all symptoms disappear promptly, including pruritus, allowing healing in almost all cases with a single treatment. Trolamina guarantees perfect skin penetration, facilitating access to the intradermal tunnels of the parasites.

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