10 tips and ideas for kids to eat vegetables

How to make children eat vegetables? Here are some tips and recipes to make children appreciate vegetables.

Vegetables and children. Broccoli is green, courgette is tasteless and cabbage does not have a good smell: whoever has a baby at home knows how difficult it is to make him appreciate fruit and vegetables. The reason remains unsearchable but, if at times in front of a plate of vegetables what the puppets stage is only a whim, in others a mechanism of authentic phobia and desperate rejection is triggered by them. On the other hand, it is known that a spinach does not have the same appeal as a fried potato.

That the vegetable is good is useless to repeat it, but above all it is useless to use it as a weapon of ” if you don’t eat you won’t grow “. Those little brats do very little to know that if they consume vegetables to go go they come on healthy and intelligent. ” Even my psychological balance is important for my well-being and my physical state “, they will be able to spiattellarti in the face as soon as they are able to utter a word, convinced that a package of anonymous snacks is worth much more than a salad with two fennels that look from below.

It is true that contentment is important in the kitchen: just as we adults definitely like to be pampered by the taste and flavor of a dish in front of us, even the little children will need something more that makes them appreciate those rebellious peas that stand out table.

How then to live with green-phobic children and make sure that they put in the stomach at least the minimum union of beautiful and good vegetables?

Here are 10 tips that you can use:

Set a good example

It all starts here: if you are not used to consuming vegetables and fruit regularly, do not expect your children to be particularly devoted to the cause. If vegetables are part of your daily menu, you will see that it will be “normal” for them to consume at least the minimum necessary.

small vegetable garden at home

Where do the vegetables come from? For many children it is really a mystery, so if you have the chance, you could grow some of them at home and turn this activity into a good opportunity to let them help you in the care of the plants and in the collection. A small corner of the terrace or the garden of the house will suffice, but some pots on the balcony or a small greenhouse will also be fine.


Everything is prepared together!

Once, when caught, how do you split peas? How do you clean an artichoke ? How to season tomatoes? To bring your children closer to vegetables, why don’t you involve them in their preparation? Give them a seat, a personalized apron and get help as you peel, chop or blanch. They will also learn how to dose salt or use knives and stoves with awareness. Don’t worry, if you stay close everything is possible!

Crudité or pinzimonio

Have you ever tried giving them raw vegetables? Carrots, peppers, but also celery, radicchio and radishes : all raw and well washed! Put on a plate and let the children serve with their hands. It will seem to them to munch on chips…

Add the vegetables to other recipes

Omelette, pasta, pies and savory pies, will have more taste if there is the addition of a vegetable. Or combine the vegetables with a particular seasoning: sauté them in a pan with ham, spinach the spinach with the mozzarella, make rolls with salad leaves or roasted peppers …

Grilled vegetables and vegetables in batter

Better a warmed or maybe grilled courgette? The answer comes by itself, if only that we can always add a very light seasoning of oil and parsley. We can also afford the luxury of frying in batter, in order to serve something warm, golden and crispy.

Colored salad

Color color and more color! To the lettuce add sliced ​​carrots, fennel, radishes, walnuts, berries, but also some thin thin orange slices and some croutons. Indulge yourself and everything will be more pleasant and tasty.

Serve the vegetables with a sauce

To convince the children to eat the vegetables you could serve them together with a sauce , which is already known and appreciated by the little ones. In this way, they will also be encouraged to try the vegetables on the plate.

Create fun and lively dishes

Have you ever thought about … changing the shape of food? A tactic that will also make the last of the carrots more appetizing and “fascinating”: then go ahead with salad butterflies, aubergine hearts, cute little animals and nice spinach heroes. A little imagination and you’re done.

Invent new recipes

Add the vegetables to their favorite dishes, perhaps embellishing sauces or dough. Here you will find 9 simple and tasty vegetarian recipes . Finally, the meatballs are an ever green in this regard and here you will find 15 nutritious and healthy recipes , while if you want to dedicate yourself to the timeless fried, here are some delicious vegetable pancakes .

Did all this not help much and are your puppies really stubborn? You could use smoothies, juices and live juices. Of course, not all vegetables are suitable for being centrifuged, but by adding just a little fresh and seasonal vegetables you will create excellent juices! Great classic is ACE juice: peel with them orange, carrot and lemon and blender. If instead the color is what your puppies are passionate about, you can create a red juice with strawberries, raspberries, red apple and tomato, orange with carrots, apricots and peaches or even white with apples, pears and fennel. The eye wants its part and the children will appreciate a new and delicious thing! Here you will find everything you need to know about smoothies, juices and live juices.

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