Mint: 15 properties and benefits

Mint: 15 properties and benefits

Mint boasts many varieties of plants, but specifically peppermint is a hybrid created in England in the eighteenth century precisely because of its fresh aroma and its digestive properties.

After taking an infusion after a meal, it favors digestion and has a carminative effect; it also relieves headaches and headaches resulting from poor digestion.

The ancients used it a lot in the kitchen, to flavor dishes and to prepare refreshing drinks. Especially Romans and Egyptians made a large consumption of mint to facilitate digestion, to perfume and refresh breath and skin.


The properties of mint are many: refreshing, digestive, tonic, antiseptic, pain-relieving, antispasmodic, carminative, mildly sedative.

The parts used

The parts used are the flowers and leaves that are collected in the warmer months, put to dry in well-ventilated places, and then stored in glass jars.

Use and effects

The mint plant has many properties, including the pain-relieving, anti-rheumatic, soothing, decongesting, decontracting and ultimately refreshing.

Due to its many properties, it is used in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

Mint is used by the cosmetic industry for preparations intended for the beauty and care of the main imperfections such as the so-called cellulite, the skin with large or sensitive pores, heavy legs and venous problems.

  • In aesthetics you can find many formulations containing this plant, in addition to preparations for skin care, to the care of hands and feet, and for the treatment of heel cracks and to refresh swollen and painful feet.

The use of mint is very frequent in aesthetics, in physiotherapy and medicine where the manual medicine operator uses it for various treatments and massages.

  1. Massages. In addition to wheat germ base oil in the decontracting sports massage or in the connective tissue massage , the essential mint oil is used to dissolve tensions due to fatigue, intense training, competitions and muscle contractions; in fact it is known that the connective tissue massage combined with mint essential oil may favor the disappearance of pain caused by trigger points (points of tension) or bad posture;
  2. in the draining massage, the essential oil of mint, is a powerful aid in case of swollen legs and stagnant liquids. It is enough to apply a few drops of essential mint oil, together with sweet almond oil, on the main lymphatic stations to favor the release of the latter from the lymph and stimulate the reflux of it to the discharge ways;
  3. in plantar reflexology, for the treatment of problems such as swelling or edema , or to treat reflexively problems due to poor circulation and water retention, it is advisable to put three drops of essential oil in a honey moisturizer;
  4. in the cervical treatment, to release tension, to reduce the sensation of neck pain, to calm trigeminal neuralgia or stiff neck spread a few drops of mint essential oil through an essences burner in the room and then pour 1 drop on the pillowcase and lie down in the heat;
  5. in the bamboo massageto eliminate calf cramps or contracted muscles and work on intoxicated and inelastic skin, use 3 drops of mint essential oil in grapeseed oil.
  6. Body treatments. Mint essential oil is generally present in ready- to-use leg bandages to promote reflux of emo-lymphatic micro-circulation. It is advisable to assist the treatment with a circulatory massage or with the help of pressotherapy. For body treatments accompanied by a bath in the whirlpool, it is advisable to add a few drops of mint essential oil to the water to have a refreshing,draining and invigorating effect.
  7. Facial treatments. The essential oil of mint, together with draining manual skills, favors the decongestion and detoxification of the tissues in the case of oily and asphyxiated skin, that is slightly oxygenated; it also beneficially intervenes on sensitive and reddened skin.
  8. In the case of a stuffy nose. It is possible to use mint essential oil to free the nasal cavities from congestion due to cooling or sinusitis, just put 1 drop of essential oil under the nose together with sweet almond oil or a base cream to get immediate relief .
  9. Western medicine recognizes its important properties and makes great use of it in many preparations intended for the maintenance and restoration of health. The pharmaceutical industry uses mint for:
    • the formulation of drugs or ointments capable of relieving bronchi and oropharyngeal diseases; the most common preparations are ointments designed to improve breathing in case of colds, coughs and flu;
    • in balsamic candies to relieve cough and sore throat;
    • in dentifrices and mouthwashes intended for oral use. For the treatment of mouth diseases it is advisable to make an infusion with mint leaves and to rinse at least 3 times a day until complete recovery;
    • in the production of sanitary napkinsfor the control of bad odor, and in refreshing preparations for intimate hygiene ;
    • furthermore, there are ointments and ointments that can act beneficially on pains of various types, such as joint, muscle, tendon, osteo-articular pain.
  10. The proper use of mint-based preparations is recommended especially during the summer period, especially in subjects suffering from too hotand excessive loss of liquids; in this case it is advisable to use refreshing ointments for the legs and feet. It is advisable to add 1/2 drops of essential oil to the basic arnica montana cream to have an instant ice effect on the legs; it is recommended to apply it several times a day and especially before going to bed; particularly indicated for circulation problems, heavy and aching legs, and burning .
  11. Using Mint essential oil through room diffusers helps refresh the environmentand give you a feeling of well-being.
  12. It is possible to prepare a refreshing herbal teawith a few drops of mint and drink it once it has cooled. Useful after eating, to aid digestion and eliminate abdominal swelling ; it also performs an invigorating and refreshing general action drinking tea or mint-based drinks, especially during the hottest hours.
  13. A few drops of essential oil in the shower gel and in the shampoo will help removeexcess sebum from the skin and hair, eliminating dandruff and oiliness if present .
  14. The essential oil of Mint is also very useful to remove the annoying insectsfrom the house and to make sure that your four-legged friend does not bite. A few drops of Peppermint essential oil and Lavender and Citronella essential oil , together with water, can be vaporized around the house, on the kennel and on the sofas. In addition to releasing a good clean smell they will help keep insects like mosquitoes and sand flies away.
  15. In case of headaches and migrainesdrink an infusion of mint. Boil 25 mint leaves in 1 liter of water for 10 minutes; drink 1 cup and rest in a dark place.
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