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More than a “simple” videogame, Minecraft has over time assumed the “trappings” of a real social and cultural phenomenon. Within a few years it became the most successful video game on any platform, today it has millions of users registered on the online platform and as many players for the online version. Only in the light of these figures it is possible to understand the reasons that led Microsoft to buy Mojang, the software house that in 2011 gave way to the development of videogames, for the sum of 2.5 billion dollars.

What is Minecraft

Born from the mind of the Swedish programmer Markus “Notch” Persson in 2011, Minecraft is a sandbox- type game (in which the gamer does not have to achieve particular goals, but can develop the “story” as he sees fit) in which the gamer is asked. to build a world in “one’s own image and likeness”. Mojang’s videogames is therefore focused on the creativity and inventiveness of videogamers, who are entrusted with the solitary (in the offline version) or collective (in the online multiplayer version) construction of a virtual world.

The history of Minecraft

Persson began development of the first version of Minecraft in May 2009 by launching, a few weeks later, the possibility of pre-ordering the complete videogames. The development times, however, require more than expected and the official launch arrives only in November 2011. The computer version, however, was preceded by the mobile versions, released between August (for Sony Experia smartphones) and November (before Android and then iOS).

In May 2012 the turn of the Xbox 360 arrives, while a few months later a light version for the Raspberry Pi platform is released. This latest version is also conceived as a learning tool for “novice” developers, who are given the possibility to modify the game thanks to special APIs. In December 2013 the Mojang development team creates a version for the PlayStation 3, immediately achieving huge success.

On July 8, 2014, the PC version of Minecraft exceeds the threshold of 16 million copies sold, becoming the best-selling computer platform videogames of all time. A few months later, the sales of video games for Xbox 360 and PS3 exceed those for computers and Minecraft reaches 54 million copies sold, becoming the most successful video game of all time. In the first days of September 2014, the versions of Minecraft for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were officially released.

Cheats for Minecraft

Air from the torches . You swim, dive, get distracted and, suddenly, you find yourself in the depths of the sea without any more oxygen and the possibility of ascending. The last hope, in cases like these, is represented by a torch: the flame, in contact with the water, will form air bubbles thanks to which to recover some oxygen and rise



Create and destroy . The chemical-physical laws teach us that nothing is created and nothing is destroyed, but everything is transformed. In Minecraft, torches have the particular ability to create and destroy buildings. If, for example, you want to destroy a pile of sand or stone blocks, just eliminate the last of the blocks and place a torch as quickly as possible: thanks to the heat of the flame, the blocks above will disintegrate in a short time. The torch, however, can be used to build walls and buildings: it will be sufficient to mount one on a block of sand and it will be able to easily support the weight of the blocks above. A wall torch can also be used to place blocks in mid-air without the need for other blocks to act as a base.

Magic wheel . Wandering around in your virtual world you can meet an object that is not present in your personal inventory and that, instead, would be convenient to have available. It will be sufficient to point it and click on it now by pressing the mouse wheel: the object (any object) will be instantly added to your carnet

Endless source . Water is a precious, very precious commodity. Both in the real world and in the virtual world of Minecraft. To create an endless source of water, it will be sufficient to create a hole in the ground two blocks wide and place a bucket of water at the bottom of each excavated block: as if by magic they will fill with water and will never dry up. It is important, however, to fish for water in the center of the newly created “pond” in order to avoid sinking everything



Faster and faster . Knowing quick escape routes can be redeeming in case of danger. This is why it is very useful to know that ice helps you go faster by accelerating your pace. It will be enough to jump and run as soon as you set foot on an ice sheet to see your speed increase instantly or almost instantly

Orient yourself with light . Experience (or at least adventure films) teaches us that to orient yourself in a cave and find a way out, it is essential to follow the changes in direction of the flame of a torch. In this way you will be able to know from which direction the air current is coming and adjust accordingly. In Minecraft, the situation is not very different: by placing torches on the walls of the cave or tunnel in which you are walking, you will be able to recognize the path followed and find your way back in no time. In case of crossroads, a three torch system can be used: two placed one above the other and the third on the right or left depending on where you have to turn

Soft landing . It can sometimes happen that the only way out of a dangerous situation is to jump off a cliff, more or less high. However, there is the risk of making a bad end all the same, squashing on the ground: to prevent this from happening it will be necessary to have a bucket of water and empty it (right mouse button) looking at the ground a few moments after having thrown down. If all goes well, you will be able to land safely in the newly created pool of water

It’s raining fish . Just like in reality, fish are also attracted to rain in Minecraft. In case you are short of food reserves and, perhaps, you want to put on a nice dinner based on fish, it will be enough to wait for a shower of rain and start fishing. They will bite the hook with surprising ease


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