Minecraft cheats: the best guide with the best tips and secrets for Android

Minecraft is the video game par excellence, a sandbox of adventures and construction that is very popular among players thanks to the infinite possibilities it offers. With pixel-like graphics that are now its trademark and that have been copied from hundreds of subsequent games, it presents you with the challenge of surviving in a world full of danger, crafting whatever you need (i.e. destroy and build without any limit with blocks representing elements of nature on a grid). The user has absolute freedom of movement in a 3D world.

The original creator of the game was Markus Persson “Notch”, who in 2009 released, through his company, Mojang AB, the first beta version of the game. But it was in 2011 that the first stable version for Windows computers and for Android phones and iPhones was launched. Later it arrived on other operating systems and consoles. It was so successful that in 2014 Microsoft bought the game for 2,500 million dollars . Since then, the Redmond company has been responsible for its development and maintenance.

In Minecraft we take control of a character in a totally open and randomly generated world made up of blocks. The goal is to survive by collecting materials, objects and food that we can then use to build our home and protect us from the dangers of the night, to build tools that defend us and help us explore the environment, or to ensure the health of our character. . Although there is a milestone system, the game does not have a specific goal – rather it offers an imaginary virtual world based on constructionand on everything that our mind can imagine. In fact, this idea served as a pretext for Minecraft to be used in schools and institutes around the world as an educational tool with which to strengthen students’ creativity.

If there is a game where guidance is needed to deal with it, this is it. Because yes, once you start playing you will find yourself alone in the face of danger: how to build a shelter? What materials are used and how to extract them? How to start using the workbench and build your first pickaxes? How to get food? The questions that every beginner asks when arriving in the world of Minecraft find detailed answers here, so you can have fun right from the start. But there is also much more.

We tell you all about Minecraft MODs, how you can play them and take advantage of their advantages, you will know how to fly or teleport yourself to move around the world and its biomes without limits, how to get the rarest and most precious minerals such as diamond, emerald or l ‘gold… All the tricks you can imagine through secret commands and codes that will help you control the time, day and night, spells and much more.

The best Minecraft tutorial that explains, among other things, how to survive its monsters, zombies and creatures, you can find it here. Start enjoying one of the best games in history with all our recommendations and we assure you that you will not be able to stop playing for a long time: it is the best 3D sandbox of the moment.


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