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Concept: Savior sent by God and announced by the prophets to liberate the people of Israel .

Messiah . Savior sent by God and announced by the prophets to liberate the people of Israel from the established order: the Bible reveals that Jesus was the Messiah they were waiting for, but the Jews did not believe so.


(gr. form of the aram. “m’shîhã”, from Hebrew. “m’shîhã”, “the anointed one”, in gr .: “Christos”, Christ).
In Hebrew, this term “Messiah” designated the one who was anointed with holy oil, p. eg, the high priest (Lev. 4: 3; 10: 7; 21:12), and the king (2 Sam. 1:14, 16). This title is applied to the patriarchs Abraham and Isaac , and to Cyrus , the king of Persia , who were entrusted with the interests of the kingdom of God (Ps. 105: 15; Is. 45: 1). When God promised David that the throne and scepter would always remain within his family (2 Sam. 7:13), the term “anointed” took on the particular meaning of “representative of David’s royal line»(Ps. 2: 2; 18:51; 84:10; 89:39, 52; 132: 10, 17; Lm. 4:20; Hab. 3:13). The prophets speak of a king of this line who will be the great liberator of the people (Jer. 23: 5, 6); its origin goes back to the days of Eternity (Mi. 5: 1-5); will establish the throne and kingdom of David forever (Isa. 9: 5-7).
The title of Messiah, par excellence, is attached to the person of this Prince announced by the prophecies (Dn. 9:25, 26; Num. 24: 17-19; Targum Onkelos). He is called “Messiah” in the same way as “Son of David ” (Jn. 1:41; 4:25; the text of Mt. 1: 1 does not have the term Messiah, but its translation gr. “Christos”; the numerous references to Christ in this Gospel). For Jewish and Christian believers, the Messiah is the Anointed, that is, the one who receives, by the Spirit of God resting on Him, the Power to liberate his people and to establish his Kingdom.

The primary characteristics of the image of the Messiah in the Old Testament are present in the person of Jesus . The Servant of Jehovah who in the Old Testament suffers, dies and is glorified is the same Son of Man of the New Testament who will return in the clouds of heaven. The Messiah, as the Son of Man, will suffer, die and be raised on the third day, according to what is revealed in the Bible . But although JesusHe was victorious over death in his resurrection and ascension, he has not yet reigned in complete control of his kingdom of justice. It has been revealed that his final victory will be in the future and therefore he must return in Power to establish his messianic or millennial throne and kingdom.


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