Archangel from Greek αρχάγγελος (main angel). This word appears only twice in the New Testament . In 1 Thessalonians 4:16 and in Judas 9 , where he is named Archangel Michael , who in the book of Daniel in the Old Testament is called “one of the chief princes”, “your prince”, and “the great prince ” [1] .


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Archangels are the first in the angelic hierarchy. They are found in numerous religious traditions, including Islam , Judaism, and Zoroastrianism. In Biblical Christianity the only archangel named as such is Michael .


There are no explicit references to archangels in the canonical texts of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament). Even the angels themselves are rare, except in later writings, such as that of Daniel, although they are briefly mentioned in the stories of Jacob and Lot , who was warned by angels of the incipient destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah . The earliest references to archangels are found in the literature of the inter-testamentary periods [2] .

Archangels in the Bible

The Holy Bible does not reveal whether there are other beings of this exalted rank in the heavenly host, although the designation, “one of the chief princes” certainly suggests that this may be the case, [3] where the word translated “principalities” is maple. , the prefix in archangel.

In the old testament

In the Old Testament , Michael appears as the guardian angel of Israel [4] who will help Israel particularly during the time of great tribulation yet to come. He guides the angelic armies of heaven against Satan and his host of evil [5] . The reference in Judas 9 to Michael’s dispute over the body of Moses indicates that Michael had something to do with the burial of Moses, that he had no power in himself to pass judgment on Satan , and that he as a creature, Although very powerful, it has to depend on the greater power of God .

“For twenty-one days the prince of Persia opposed me, so Michael, one of the princes of the first rank, came to my aid. And I stayed there, with the kings of Persia. “» [6]

Angel Grabiel

Gabriel also appears to be a high-ranking angel , although he is not classified as an archangel like Michael. His name means “hero of God” and his role is to carry important messages to various individuals [7] . In the Aramaic Targum he is the angel who is credited with finding the brothers of Joseph, the burial of Moses, and the killing of Sennacherib’s armies .

Related words

  • tsaba, Hebrew, His army — Nehemiah 9: 6 — The word originally designated a mass of people organized for battle. From it comes the title YHWH Sebaoth, “Jehovah of Hosts.” In the Bible , the word “army” sometimes refers to angels, sometimes to stars.
  • myriah, Greek, Many thousands of angels — Hebrews 12: 22 — a word that identifies the tens of thousands, the largest number of all those commonly used in the Greek of the New Testament. It represents such a large number that it is impossible to count.
  • leiturgos, greek, His ministers —Hebrews 1: 7— Define the one who renders a service, help, or minister, especially with regard to worship.
  • leiturguiká pnéumata, Greek, Ministering Spirits —Hebrews 1: 14— “Spirits Performing Holy Service.”


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