Meletius Smotrytski

Meletius Smotrytski. Writer , linguist and religious activist] of Ruthenian origin .


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Biographical synthesis

He was born around 1577 – 1579 in Smotrych , Podolian Palatinate , territory of Poland (present-day Ukraine ). His Slavic Grammar with Correct Syntax ( 1619 ) was a reference work for the study of Church Slavonic until the end of the 18th century . It was for a long time the only grammar in Belarusian, Russian and Ukrainian lands , thus having a great impact on the development of these languages.

It is in this grammar that the term vid (видь) is found for the first time to denote the grammatical category of aspect , as a translation of the Greek είδος , used by Dionysius of Thrace in his Grammar Art .


He died on 17 (27) of December of 1633 in Rivne , Ukraine .

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