What is meant by communication skills?

First of all, we need to understand first, colleagues, what is the general understanding of communication? Communication is an activity or action taken by an individual to convey a message, information, ideas, opinions or aspirations to the interlocutor or another person. Well, this communication can be done verbally or nonverbally provided that both parties can understand each other and understand the message or information in question. What about understanding communication skills? Communication skills are a key skill that every individual needs to have in order to foster healthy relationships with people around him, both in the work environment and other social environments.


Communication skills can be of various types. For example, business communication skills, communication skills in counseling, interpersonal communication skills or communication skills in group activities . In general, some communication functions include communication tools, emotional expressions, control tools and communication tools. So, what about the purpose of communication? One of the goals of communication is to ensure that all important messages or information held by a communicator can be understood by others or their listeners.


What Communication Skills Should Entrepreneurs Develop?

To achieve effective communication in business or work, entrepreneurs need to have reliability in communication skills by learning good communication procedures. According to the entrepreneur website dot com, there are 6 communication skills that must be developed by entrepreneurs, namely as follows:


1. Communication Skills in Writing. 

The first skill that is very necessary-must-and must be developed is the ability to write . Every entrepreneur or business person will communicate with other business partners at all times. In other words, entrepreneurs must build a good company image in the eyes of clients, investors, employees, business partners, even all customers. The problem is, the bustle of the entrepreneurs has made the communication they establish not always done face-to-face, so they can only communicate via email, chat (whatsapp or sms) or letters.


Let’s take the example of communication via e-mail, which is most often done by professionals in the world of work. If an entrepreneur cannot compose the right and professional words in the body of their e-mail, then this is a sign that he must practice the correct way of writing in e-mail.


Entrepreneurs from other companies will assess the quality of the language we use and the order of emails that we make, so communication skills in writing really need to be developed by entrepreneurs. Try fellow entrepreneurs read our previous article about ” 10 Ethics in Communicating through Email “, hopefully the article can help colleagues in writing the right and effective email.


2. Communication skills in speaking. 

There are so many leaders and entrepreneurs who are very charismatic for others, because they have excellent speaking skills . One well-known leader with great speech skills is Dr. Ir. H. Soekarno whose speech was always fiery and kindled the enthusiasm of his listeners. The same thing needs to be done by entrepreneurs.


They must attract the attention of investors to be willing to invest in their companies, speak with good customer service grammar to clients and business partners, and apply great speaking skills in motivating their employees. So, it’s clear how much speaking skills really need to be developed by entrepreneurs?


3. Communication skills in listening. 

Communication is not just talking, writing or giving facial expressions that are in accordance with the state of the heart. However, listening well also falls into the category of communication skills. Leaders must develop these skills, because by having good listening skills, it will be easier for us to understand customer problems and identify appropriate solutions to solve problems and deal with customer complaints.


4. Communication Skills in Presentations. 

Like it or not, like it or not, presentation is one of the communication activities that is often applied in the company. When an entrepreneur is looking for investors, offering cooperation, even delivering information to employees, they need to make presentations. Therefore, presentation becomes a very important communication skill to be developed by entrepreneurs. Fellow entrepreneurs can read our previous article entitled ” 18 Effective Tips for a Good Presentation “, hopefully the article can help your fellow entrepreneurs to develop this skill.


5. Communication Skills in Displaying the Right Body Language. 

Body language is an example of nonverbal communication. Although this is nonverbal communication where others may not be able to receive messages or information from us directly, the role of nonverbal communication is still very important to be developed by entrepreneurs. Why is body language so important for entrepreneurs to pay attention to?


Logically, displaying body language that implies that we are a confident and assertive businessman will make investors more interested in working with us, because investors will not likely want to invest their shares or investments in a company whose leaders are not convinced that they will be successful in the future.


6. Communication Skills in Networking. 

“To achieve success is not about what we know, but all about who we know”. The statement indicates that to be successful, one way is to have extensive networking. So, entrepreneurs must develop communication skills in expanding their networking.

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