Meaning. Each of the meanings that a word or phrase can acquire depending on the context , which is the same, has many meanings. Eg the verb “open” has many meanings.


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Other definitions

  1. . sf Linguistics. Sense or meaning in which, depending on the linguistic situation or the context, a word or an expression is taken, this term has several meanings.
  2. . respect of persons Action of favoring some people more than others for particular reasons, disregarding merit or reason.

Great Dictionary of the Spanish Language © 2016 Larousse Editorial, SL


The word makes references to each of the meanings in which a word or phrase is taken in different speech acts. Eg respect of persons Action of arbitrarily favoring some people more than others. Vox Encyclopedic Dictionary 1. © 2009 Larousse Editorial, SL


Its writing in hieroglyph corresponds to (aθep’θjon) and responds to a feminine noun, coming from the Latin acceptĭo, -ōnis.

More details

A meaning is called each of the meanings of a word or language expression. In practice and as the case may be, the use of this concept is not exactly synonymous with meaning: When it comes to a monosemic sequence , the concept of meaning corresponds exactly to that of meaning; But when it comes to a polysemic sequence , the different meanings configure the total meaning of the term, which is conceptually distinguished to the extent that the different meanings have greater semantic distance, especially when they are interpreted in their entirety. Thus, in the first case, reference is made to the meaning of a term, while in the second case, reference is made to its different meanings.

The definition of meaning in the Spanish dictionary is each of the meanings of a word according to the contexts in which it appears. Another meaning of meaning in the dictionary is also acceptance.

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