What does it mean “where sin abounded grace abounded”?

The verse that says “where sin abounded grace abounded” speaks of God’s love, which is greater than sin. Our sins are great, but God’s grace is greater. Because of Jesus, we can overcome sin.

Romans 5: 20-21 says that sin increased (abounded) but God’s grace overflowed (overabundated).

“Where sin abounded …”

When Adam sinned, sin and death entered the world and the entire human race was corrupted. Since Adam, we have all sinned and become worthy of punishment ( Romans 5:12 ). Sin is like cancer, it tends to multiply. Because of sin, we are separated from God and under condemnation. Sin enslaves us.

“The Law was introduced so that the transgression was highlighted”

Because of sin, God gave His Law to Moses, to show how we should live. This Law clearly showed that we all sin and nobody follows God’s will perfectly. God’s Law highlights our sins and condemns us ( Romans 3: 19-20 ). The Law reveals that we need to be saved.

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“Grace overflowed!”

We sin but God still loves us. He doesn’t want to condemn us; He wants to save us! Therefore, He sent Jesus, who took the punishment for our sins on the cross. This act of Jesus was much greater than the act of Adam. Now, because of Jesus, we can have a new life, clean and free from the condemnation of sin.

Because of Adam, everyone was condemned, but because of Jesus, we can all be saved! God’s grace overcame the power of sin ( Romans 5: 15-16 ).

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Will we continue to sin? No!

Reading out of context, we may think that we must sin more in order to receive more of God’s grace. But that is not what the Bible says! The Bible says otherwise – Romans 6: 1-2

God’s grace overcame sin. Whoever is saved now lives to do God’s will, not for sin. God’s grace abounds where sin is overcome and good prevails.

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