What does Mary Magdalene’s perfume mean?

The passages in the Gospel always lead me to reflect on what lies between the lines. Sometimes it becomes a challenge for me, but at the same time, a wonderful discovery.

Mary Magdalene is one of the people of the Gospel that most calls my attention, and every time I read a part of Sacred Scripture concerning her, I have the impression that what we could extract from that text has not yet been exhausted.

Illustrative image: Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov (1848-1926)

Understand the meaning of the moment when, upon meeting Jesus, Mary Magdalene throws herself at His feet and pours His perfume on Him

Magdalene enters the room where Jesus meets the Pharisees and, when she falls at the Lord’s feet, cries and pours on Him the most expensive perfume, probably the best she had.

This time, when reading, the perfume bottle caught my attention, because Magdalene took it to pour on Jesus’ feet. For that reason, I tried to find out what that substance would mean in the midst of that scene. The figure of the perfume – which she shed on Jesus’ feet – makes me discover a new way of relating to the Lord and gives me hope.

When we meet a perfumed person, we automatically associate the scent of the perfume with cleanliness, which means that he has just showered, cleaned himself.

I understood that, at the moment when she was washing Christ’s feet with her fragrance, in fact, she was, at the Master’s feet, asking Him to wash her and cleanse her from her sins , and that, from there, she he became a truly clean person in his heart.

Let Jesus cleanse you

Magdalene left her perfume at Jesus’ feet and, with Him, her old life, her sins, her inner filth, starting to exhale the “Perfume of Christ”. I learned from this saint to also pour the perfume of my soul and my heart at the feet of the Lord, to put at His feet everything that makes me dirty and afflicts me. And so, to receive His pleasant Perfume from Him to be able to take it to those who have already lost hope, who no longer believe in a change in their lives, who have lost hope.

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The same scene is repeated today when, at Jesus’ feet, we have the courage to pour ourselves and deposit “our perfume” there; and when we pour out our “inner perfume”, we begin to exhale the Perfume of Christ.

Do not be afraid to pour your life, your heart and all that is most profound and sincere within you at the feet of the Lord. It can transform your life, removing all the dirt and giving you a new heart capable of exhaling Its mild odor.


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